#milkymist IRC log for Sunday, 2013-09-29

diginet1why did milkymist abandon the aeMB core?03:41
ysionneaufirst words of NetBSD kernel on the Milkymist SoC (Qemu TBH): http://pastebin.com/MJgB6Y0514:21
ysionneauand first panic as well ;)14:21
ysionneauat least it can speak!14:21
ysionneaunow the funny part begins :)14:31
wpwrakin the good old days, it was "hello, world !". nowadays, we're all paranoid and it's "panic, world !" :)14:41
ysionneauyeah, that's cause of all this NSA spying stuff =(14:42
ysionneaukernel does not want to talk too much, just says panic and halts14:42
ysionneaubtw next week-end OpenRISC guys are doing a project meeting with nice talks and workshops14:43
ysionneauI will be going there (Cambridge)14:43
ysionneausorry to post that so late, but if some Milkymist folks are motivated ... ;)14:43
kristianpaulgreat ! (netbsd)17:39
ysionneaukristianpaul: what's up?17:40
ysionneauare you still working on GPS?17:40
ysionneaumwalle: by default, is "-M Milkymist" using the lm32-full-mmu cpu definition? or lm32-full? (on your master branch of qemu)17:45
ysionneauoh, I need to use -cpu lm32-full-mme17:46
kristianpaulysionneau: hi17:48
kristianpaulnot right now17:48
kristianpauli just finished moving to new home17:49
kristianpauland soon new job..17:49
ysionneauwhat was your job? (and what's the new one?)17:50
ysionneaumwalle: it seems that GDB is lost as soon as I enable the MMU :x dunno if it's qemu or GDB which is lost17:50
ysionneauif I single step (nexti), as soon as TLBs are enabled, GDB hangs and cannot step to the next instruction17:51
wpwrakkristianpaul: in the last one, you didn't have to work. how does the new one improve that ? and ... new home, same city ? or an entirely new area ?21:01
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