#milkymist IRC log for Saturday, 2013-09-28

ysionneauok, I got qemu to send dummy values for PSW, TLBVADDR, TLBPADDR and TLBBADVADDR to GDB14:41
ysionneaucommunication between the two is ok14:42
ysionneaunow that would be nice to send real values according to the state of lm32 core14:42
ysionneaumwalle: I have something working for PSW and TLBVADDR, now the tricky part is the TLBPADDR / TLBBADVADDR which share the same CSR id15:01
ysionneauand one is write-only and the other one is read-only15:01
ysionneaumaybe we can declare the two as two separate different registers, but make qemu send "0xdeadbeef" when GDB wants to get the value of TLBPADDR, to tell the user "this is dummy value"15:02
ysionneauand we declare a env->tlbbadvaddr in qemu which is updated by tlb miss/fault handler of qemu, and then sent back to GDB when TLBBADVADDR value is requested15:03
ysionneaudunno if this sounds crazy or not15:06
ysionneauah env->tlbbadvaddr is already declared and updated where it should be, sorry I missed it15:51
ysionneaufor now I'm using this GDB patch https://github.com/fallen/gdb/commit/60faaaf832e3a4e1e230d95c0716e64da39d6252 and this qemu patch : https://github.com/fallen/qemu/commit/b63023a653adc1de374563759dda37cdcdc3d71315:59
ysionneauhum, my indent sux15:59
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