#milkymist IRC log for Friday, 2013-09-27

mwallelarsc: you are building the kernel and userspace tools for lm32 with openwrt, right? is this the repository: github.com/milkymist/openwrt-milkymist?12:16
mwallelarsc: last commit is over a year ago, mhmhm ;)12:29
mwallelarsc: do you still have some busybox binaries around, by chance? which you could send me by mail?12:31
larscyes, at home12:32
larsccan send them later today12:33
mwallelarsc: thanks12:34
ysionneauhum debugging gdb with wireshark is not that easy16:30
kristianpaulsounds like debugging using an IDE written in java :)17:39
ysionneauwell, wireshark is a nice tool17:42
ysionneaubut it lacks of a GDB disector :)17:42
larscare you looking at the gdb network protocol?17:46
larscah ok17:46
--- Sat Sep 28 201300:00

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