#milkymist IRC log for Thursday, 2013-09-26

mruegdoes anyone here know why i receive an error like "rc/gcc-4.5.3/newlib/libc/reent/sbrkr.c:60: undefined reference to `_sbrk'" during linking when i try to allocate memory with calloc?01:40
azonenbergdavidc__: it's a little more complex than that02:11
azonenbergI'm doing CPLDs to start out since the structure is more regular02:11
azonenbergAnd mostly black-boxing "this HDL makes this output" etc02:11
azonenbergthe silicon analysis is mostly to confirm hypotheses i can't easily test otherwise02:11
ysionneaumrueg: what are you trying to do, can you paste entire list of commands and outputs to pastebin?20:20
mruegysionneau: i think i know where the error was20:20
mruegthe software i try to build has no support for dynamic memory allocation so it is useless to call for calloc20:21
ysionneaumwalle: I just added a few dummy cases in lm32_cpu_gdb_read_register() in qemu20:48
ysionneau(I pulled your master branch btw)20:49
ysionneauI tried to add new registers in gdb, but it seems GDB client does not request them20:49
ysionneaudoing "info reg" does not show them20:49
ysionneauso I guess I missed something in gdb huge source code base20:50
ysionneauI just tried info all-registers and it did spit out lines about TLBPADDR and others :)20:51
ysionneausaying *value not available*20:51
ysionneaulet's dig some more into gdb mess20:53
ysionneaunow as soon as I connect gdb client to qemu I get "Ignoring packet error, continuing..." :)21:11
ysionneauI told qemu that gdb registers were 32+11 instead of 32+721:12
ysionneauhum, just increasing by one makes gdb client very unhappy (32 + 8 instead of 32+7)21:14
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