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barmstrongi'm having a lot of fun putting a five-stage DLX together with migen06:27
barmstrongi've been using python's unittest module to run the Simulator on my modules, and it's been really nice getting immediate feedback06:28
barmstrongi've used FPGAs a little in the past, but writing testbenches and then trying to verify them by eye was such a huge pain06:29
barmstrongthanks again for this amazing lib!06:29
barmstrongIt presently only supports 'addi', but at least it has five stages, and it executes that one like a champ :)07:00
barmstronghuh. if you assign a too-big signal to another, it just silently truncates? i just spent half an hour tracking down an off-by-one bit width issue :(07:51
sb0barmstrong, yes, it silently truncates. would be easy to add a warning though.16:48
sb0thanks for the feedback :)16:49
sb0(the problem with the warning, however, is it would trigger on x.eq(x + 1), since the addition adds a carry bit)16:49
sb0so... if you want to do it right, it's not that easy. only the "compare source and dest width" warning is easy.16:51
wpwrakmaybe have two sizes ? one the current one and the other the "user-selected" size. they would normally be the same but operations like +1 would not increase the "user-selected" size16:56
wpwraka warning could then by default check the "user-selected" size only. (and maybe add options for more or less severity)16:57
barmstrongok, yeah, I hadn't even thought of that. i guess if you wanted to be very explicit about width issues, you could set migen to a strict mode where you have to slice any add like that e.g. x.eq((x + 1)[0:32]) or whatever21:50
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