#milkymist IRC log for Thursday, 2013-09-12

barmstronghmm, i think i'm running into some possible race conditions with the VPI's ipc05:34
barmstrongmost likely because i can't use sock_seqpacket05:34
barmstrongwell, i fixed that particular issue. i changed the message formats for MESSAGE_READ and MESSAGE_WRITE to have a 2-byte length field after the message code byte :P08:21
sb0had a look at the DVI port with the scope (still didn't find a suitable cable - will be home tomorrow anyway)17:52
sb0sync signals are OK and the color channel I looked at seems fine as well17:52
sb0had a look at the analog part only. well, it was a shitty 2MHz scope anyway.17:52
--- Fri Sep 13 201300:00

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