#milkymist IRC log for Sunday, 2013-09-08

barmstrongHas anyone here built migen's vpi on osx? :)02:59
barmstrongok, got it figured out. had to look at the build flags in icarus.03:22
barmstrongjust for posterity's sake, I had to change the -shared in vpi's Makefile to -bundle -undefined suppress -flat_namespace04:05
barmstrongand since SOCK_SEQPACKET isn't osx supported, either, i had to switch to SOCK_STREAM04:06
sb0barmstrong, good :) what are your plans with migen?07:05
GitHub81[NetBSD] fallen pushed 5 new commits to master: http://git.io/pmMfZw20:30
GitHub81NetBSD/master 31e12cc Yann Sionneau: Very basic vm_machdep for lm3220:30
GitHub81NetBSD/master 1a19fba Yann Sionneau: Very basic procfs for lm3220:30
GitHub81NetBSD/master 24e2f71 Yann Sionneau: Basic sig_machdep for lm3220:30
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