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barmstrongHowdy! I'm trying to build migen's vpi module on OSX, but I'm having issues on the migensim.vpi step http://pastebin.com/1H4A8E3k07:40
barmstrongI don't know where these symbols are supposed to come from. It looks like I'm not including some library directory?07:41
barmstrongI'm very excited to try migen out, and I've converted my module to verilog successfully. I would love to get simulations working :)07:44
sb0so, HDMI seems to work with minor problems14:28
sb0first the HPD control (simulating port connection/disconnection under FPGA control) doesn't work reliably14:28
sb0second, the PLLs attempt to lock and generate random signals when you put them out of reset without a stable input clock present. I guess that's a new "feature" of the stepping 4 slowtan6 silicon, and should be an easy fix14:29
sb0looking at #1 ...14:30
sb0otherwise, EDID and HPD readout work reliably, and I haven't found problems yet when a proper video signal is applied before PLL lock14:32
sb0haven't tried more than 35MHz pixel clock (350Mbps/lane) yet, though14:32
sb0hmm, for solving #1 we might have to switch off the 50 ohm terminations to 3.3V to simulate a full disconnection. maybe some GPUs use that instead of the designated HPD pin to detect port connection ...14:35
larschow long do you pulse?14:43
larsca short pulse signals an updated edid14:43
sb0several seconds15:10
sb0and one of the problems is, if you plug a cable while the FPGA is supposed to hold HPD low, it is sometimes detected15:10
sb0I have not measured the HPD voltage yet, but that's the logical next step15:10
sb0very bad mixxeo picture: http://imgur.com/Q9La7XT15:12
GitHub10[milkymist-ng] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/Ga8ClQ20:40
GitHub10milkymist-ng/master dba6189 Sebastien Bourdeauducq: dvisampler: add HPD registers20:40
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