#milkymist IRC log for Monday, 2013-09-02

--- Mon Sep 2 201300:00
qwebirc30888Looking for a ULPI wrapper13:43
larscwrapping what?13:43
qwebirc30888I obtained an IP Core that has a UTMI interface13:43
qwebirc30888Which doesn't fit with the USB PHY ULPI13:44
qwebirc30888I'm working with XC5VFX70T13:45
qwebirc30888Currently, I'm looking for a USB Controller IP Core13:45
qwebirc30888I've found one in OpenCores13:45
qwebirc30888But its interface that connects to USB PHY is UTMI13:46
qwebirc30888Thus I need to add a module that mediate UTMI and ULPI interfaces13:47
qwebirc30888Any help is very much appreciated13:48
larscI don't think the milkymist prohect has a utmi<->ulpi bridge13:52
qwebirc30888I looked into the repository and the top module of softusb has a different interface13:53
qwebirc30888Any ideas as to how I can get/create a ULPI wrapper?13:54
larscdownload the standard, read it, implement it ;)13:54
qwebirc30888Okay ... So I'm looking at a ~ 1 month of tests and iterations ... Thanks for your feedback13:55
--- Tue Sep 3 201300:00

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