#milkymist IRC log for Thursday, 2013-08-29

acathlaysionneau, i have a spartan 3 evaluation kit from AVNet09:04
ysionneauthe red PCB with capacitive buttons?09:05
acathlayes, at 49$09:06
acathlawithout RAM, but nice enougth to learn a lot09:06
ysionneauyes it's a very nice board!09:07
ysionneauvery very affordable, and the FPGA is not small09:07
ysionneauI have on09:07
ysionneaustripped down version of legacy milkymist soc can run on it (uart+button+leds+lm32 cpu + on chip SRAM, timers)09:16
ysionneaubut indeed having milkymist-ng running on it could be cool as well :)09:16
acathlait's not really my goal, I just want to use migen to generate the code for simple projects at first.09:31
acathlablinking led then a LVDS driver, then a DVI decoder, then a dvi to LVDS converter09:32
ysionneauif mibuild supports the board, that will be pretty straight forward to make a small milkymist-ng run on it I think09:41
ysionneaubut fair enough :)09:41
ysionneaudvi to LVDS, you want to drive LCD panels?09:45
acathlaysionneau, yes11:55
acathlaI already can drive some old laptops LCD panels, now I want a real picture on it, without a framebuffer (not enough RAM)11:56
ysionneauvery nice :)12:05
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