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acathlay'a une doc pour créer des plateformes pour mibuild?16:39
acathlais there a documentation to create new platforms for mibuild?16:40
acathlaor just copy/paste of existing examples16:40
bhamiltonExample where a new platform was created by looking at existing platforms: http://brandonhamilton.github.io/building-a-soc-with-migen/creating-platform-description.html16:50
acathlabhamilton, thank you16:53
ysionneauwow, I didn't know this documentation existed :)17:58
ysionneauvery good!17:58
ysionneauacathla: hi! For which board do you want to add support for in mibuild? :)18:00
ysionneauis it possible to tell GNU as to just do the pre-processing part (like -E for gcc)?19:52
ysionneauI'm trying to debug some assembly defines/macros19:52
ysionneauoh, ok I just have to use gcc instead of gnu-as and specify -E19:53
ysionneaugot it, thanks19:54
ysionneauI have confirmation that an LTE company is still manufacturing and designing chips with several lm32 coproc embedded in it20:22
ysionneauthat's cool20:22
ysionneauthey don't seem to run them over something like 100 MHz though20:25
ysionneaufor some unknown reason20:25
larscysionneau: or just use cpp20:34
ysionneauyeah I'm doing something like lm32--netbsd-gcc -x assembler-with-cpp20:36
ysionneauI'm tring to do something like this: http://pastebin.com/GtAPpS5020:40
ysionneaunone of both work20:40
ysionneaueither as a macro or as a define20:40
ysionneaucalling it as set_cpuvar CURLWP, r12 for the macro, or SET_CPUVAR(CURLWP,r12) for the define20:41
ysionneauCPU_INFO_CURLWP is defined as offsetof(struct cpu_info, ci_curlwp)20:42
ysionneauthe goal is to load the "ci_curlwp" member of the struct cpu_info *cpu_info_store;20:43
ysionneauit says:20:45
ysionneau/Users/fallen/dev/NetBSD/sys/arch/lm32/lm32/locore_subr.S: Assembler messages:20:45
ysionneau/Users/fallen/dev/NetBSD/sys/arch/lm32/lm32/locore_subr.S:53: Error: unresolved expression that must be resolved20:45
ysionneauthe output of the pre-processor: http://pastebin.com/BxSjuBEG20:47
ysionneauis it incorrect to put ";" between instructions? :o20:50
ysionneauassembly generated by the pre-processor seems correct :o20:54
ysionneauarg ...20:55
ysionneauaddi fp, sp, sp20:55
ysionneausp is not an immediate :)20:55
ysionneaumy god the error message is not clear20:55
ysionneauproblem solved20:56
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