#milkymist IRC log for Saturday, 2013-08-24

lekernelwho came up with that bright idea to have several tsop56 pinouts? even at a single manufacturer, e.g. micron, you can find both08:53
lekernelof course, the one I need is not manufactured apparently08:54
mumptaiprobably the same people who started to count the data-pins from 108:55
lekernelhttp://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/JS28F640J3F75A/557-1602-ND/3927557 seems to have the same pinout, a bit faster, and smaller08:57
lekernelbut still plenty of space08:57
mumptaibootloader + 2 x fw-image?08:58
lekernelmixxeo has only 1 firmware image, and a smaller one than M108:59
lekerneland no filesystem08:59
lekernelso we can definitely use a smaller flash chip08:59
mumptaihow did the conversion to kicad work out?09:00
lekernelI didn't do it, no time/money for that09:00
lekernelinterestingly enough, it's ddr3 sdram for micron: http://www.micron.com/parts/nor-flash/parallel-nor-flash/js28f640j3f75a09:01
lekernel"part status: production" looks good... maybe there won't be another NOR nightmare after all09:02
mumptaiyou might also want to consider this: http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/NP8P128A13TSM60E/NP8P128A13TSM60E-ND/217652809:04
lekernelhmm, the other one is also "J3/Strataflash series", to there's less risk of running into bugs imo09:06
lekernelwe should move to serial flash at some point09:07
mumptaii think we had the pcm on some fpga board, and in the end it was programmed by xilinx impact, by telling it was some CFI flash09:08
lekernelthe micron part has a numonyx datasheet09:09
lekernelalmost the same as the one of the original flash chip, actually09:10
lekernelarrow has it too09:15
lekernel"in stock", they say. and then, 13 week lead time...09:16
lekernelah, no, that's for backorders09:20
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