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lekernelgit add -p => edit hunk => "Your edited hunk does not apply." even if I haven't changed anything12:48
wpwrakinteresting. didn't even know that use of git add. sounds ridiculously dangerous, though ;-)13:49
ysionneauno it's nice13:56
ysionneausometimes you want to git add -p to only stage a chunk of your local modifications to one file13:56
ysionneaubut sometimes git refuses to split a block into two hunks13:57
ysionneauso you end up doing EDIT and it's fine :)13:57
wpwraksounds like a hairy crossover between git and quilt ...13:58
ysionneaulekernel: what editor are you using?14:00
ysionneaumaybe it comes from the editor14:00
ysionneaustrange though14:01
ysionneauif you don't modify anything it should just apply :/ make sure you don't remove the first caracter of one line14:02
ysionneaueach line must begin with either "+" or "-" or a space14:02
ysionneauhum weird :(14:44
cdeanyone one having some experience of cypress fx3 debugging with openocd?14:45
wpwrake.g., the WE# pin. in the original it's on 55, the others have it on 13 (and A25 on 55).23:33
wpwrakparts obsolecence .. the final frontier :)23:34
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