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lekernelunsurprisingly enough, the EDID standard is a piece of shit. there are no fewer than 3 ways of specifying such basic things as the number of pixels in each dimension ...14:00
wpwrakwhat ? no vendor extensions for more formats ?14:04
larscedid has grown over the years14:08
larscback in the old days there were only 4 modes14:08
larscthe standard tells you how to specify your modes and still be backwards compatible14:09
lekernelcan I ignore GTF? since I guess the preferred modes should be "detailed timing description" anyway14:12
lekernelthe GTF "reference" implementation is written in Excel, lol!14:13
larscif you don't want to support ancient hardware/software you can14:13
larsclinux will e.g. read all possible mode sources and put them in one big list14:14
larscit is probably even fine to go just with the cea modes, no need to specify any timings, just list the cea mode id14:18
lekernelah fuck, there's cea too14:19
wpwrak#4 ? :)14:22
larscI think there are 6 different ways to specify a mode14:23
larscbut not each mode can be specified in all the different ways14:25
lekernelestablished timings, standard timings, detailed timings, cea extensions - what are the other 2?14:28
larscinferred timings and cvt14:30
larscboth seem to be in the detailed block though14:33
lekerneland standard timing can be either GTF or secondary GTF14:34
lekernelso this makes a total of 714:34
lekernelwhat an imbecilic standard14:36
larscwould be good if there was a program which you hand a mode table and it spits out the correct edid14:38
wpwrakyou're probably want to classify by age. if you support some truly ancient mode, also use the ancient encoding, so that ancient equipment can interoperate14:42
lekernelah, and of course: http://lxr.linux.no/linux+v3.10.9/drivers/video/fbmon.c#L6514:49
lekernelfirst two are CRTs though, so I guess I can ignore14:51
larscthis is the file you want to look at http://lxr.linux.no/#linux+v3.10.9/drivers/gpu/drm/drm_edid.c#L8914:56
lekernel"Samsung SyncMaster 205BW.  Note: irony" :))14:57
larscI know14:58
ysionneausyncmaster having sync problems, nice :)20:46
wpwrakASyncMaster :)21:31
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