#milkymist IRC log for Sunday, 2013-08-18

--- Sun Aug 18 201300:00
playthatbeattwitter wall working using tweetledee now13:46
playthatbeatbut still has the '3 lines' bug which is a shame - is there any way to deal with this?13:46
ysionneau15:46 < playthatbeat> twitter wall working using tweetledee now < nice!14:30
ysionneauin legacy milkymist soc, are lm32 interrupts active low? lm32 architecture manual says "A pending bit is set when the corresponding interrupt request line is asserted low". But by reading the milkymist and lm32 code, it seems interrupts are active high...15:54
sb0they're always active high in milkymist19:28
sb0they're active low in the original lm32, but active low signals inside FPGAs are a waste of time19:29
mumptaiit makes sense for some flash or anti-fuse fpgas19:34
sb0those are even slower than slowtan6 and therefore of very limited use19:45
mumptaiohh yes, they are slow20:16
--- Mon Aug 19 201300:00

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