#milkymist IRC log for Wednesday, 2013-08-14

ErantI'm looking for some more documentation on migen, particularly stuff like migen.genlib. Is there any available?03:08
ysionneauErant: have you seen the documentation over there http://milkymist.org/3/migen.html ?08:00
ysionneau"User guide"08:00
Erantysionneau: Yeah, I've read it, but it doesn't really seem to touch on stuff like the FSM module.15:25
lekernelErant, what is your question?15:31
lekernelthe FSM module is not documented, but they are plenty of examples15:32
Erantlekernel: Fair enough, that's what I was wondering.15:49
ErantWhat's a good place to find example code? There's some stuff in the genlib that I'm not quite sure what it does, and I'd hate for it to go unleveraged.15:49
lekernelI guess you've seen the examples folder15:50
lekernelthere's also milkymist-ng15:50
ErantI'll start digging, thanks!15:53
lekernelthere's also the fashionable https://github.com/Florent-Kermarrec/miminer ;)15:54
lekernelErant, what are you developing?15:58
Erantlekernel: Something simple, it's basically just a serial -> CSR master -> some peripherals.15:59
lekernelah I think Florent did that already15:59
lekernelcheck his repos15:59
ErantSo a small statemachine to deserialize the data coming in from the RX/TX pair.15:59
ErantAh. I'll take a peek, but reinventing the wheel might not be a bad thing. Trying to learn migen, and this was just something simple that would make a good starter project.16:00
GitHub182[milkymist-ng] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/_2nxDw17:20
GitHub182milkymist-ng/master 516a1d3 Sebastien Bourdeauducq: Update LM32 submodule17:20
ErantHmm, I realise it's probably written down somewhere, but is stuff like PLL instantiation covered under migen?18:08
lekernelself.specials += Instance("PLL_BASE", ...)18:23
ErantI'm seeing something weird when running a testbench.23:32
ErantDespite yielding tokens with varying values, all I ever see as a payload is 0x01.23:33
ErantHmm, the example code has the same problem.23:49
ErantRunning dataflow.py, Received is always 123:49

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