#milkymist IRC log for Tuesday, 2013-08-06

--- Tue Aug 6 201300:00
mumptaii get a "python3.3/site-packages/mibuild-unknown-py3.3.egg/mibuild/xilinx_ise.py", line 126, in _run_ise OSError: Subprocess failed" when I try to build milkymist-ng16:12
mumptaiwith "./make.py -p m1"16:12
mumptaianyone an idea what could cause that, i'm a bit reluctant to start taking the build system apart ;)16:15
lekernelwhat are the previous messages?16:23
mumptaithe whole call-stack?16:24
lekernelthe full log, including any message ISE may have printed. use pastebin.16:24
mumptaiohh, i see something16:25
mumptaiarg, I'm runnning in a 64bit linux, and the ise install is a 32bit one16:25
mumptaiwhich should be okay with the multiarch support, but it is checking for settings64.sh ... which isn't there16:26
lekernelsend a patch to attempt running the 32 bit script when the 64 bit one isn't found16:28
mumptaimhmm, a symbolic link to settings32.sh can't fix it, maybe my ise is actually broken (in subtle way)16:33
lekernelmumptai, https://github.com/milkymist/mibuild/blob/master/mibuild/xilinx_ise.py#L10716:41
lekernelon 64 bit, just add a line to make the generated shell script attempt to source the 32 bit file if sourcing the 64 bit one failed16:42
mumptaiwhy not put the check in the python code?16:48
lekernelwhatever works17:07
--- Wed Aug 7 201300:00

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