#milkymist IRC log for Thursday, 2013-08-01

diginetokay, I have some what of an unconventional question.02:43
diginetobviously "anything" is possible, but possible insofar as being remotely practical, would it be possible to modify the milkymist SoC for an open hardware 2D game console type thing?02:44
sh4rm4it would probably have horrible performance05:47
sh4rm4i dont know any emulator that works well with just 100MHZ05:47
sh4rm4and most open source games need a lot of performance tweaking to be playable on 300MHz-ish devices05:48
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diginetsh4rm4: I don't mean for emulators, I mean for writing games natively for it18:40
diginet like a new game console18:40
sh4rm4well you usually want to run emulators and homebrew stuff on a new game console, unless it's some proprietary locked down crap19:09
diginetsh4rm4: well homebrew is the entire point. Look at the uzebox. I was thinking something like a 32-bit version of that19:16
sh4rm4diginet, you're aware though that most homebrew is written by mediocre programmers using bloated OOP paradigms and C++ clusterfuck ?19:18
sh4rm4in other words, it's designed to run on their 3 ghz boxes, and not on a 100mhz device19:20
diginetsh4rm4: haha, a man after my own heart. seriously, fuck OOP and C++ :)19:27
diginetC isn't my favorite language, but it's a hell of a lot better than C++19:28
sh4rm4"A mud pie is not a beverage, even if you make it with bottled water" -- Rob Landley compares C++ with C19:28
diginetI really like Ada actually, it gets a bad rap for being bloated/slow, but honestly, it's the next fastest after C/C++ and is a really clean design19:28
sh4rm4i think the next fastest after C/C++ is (free)pascal19:30
sh4rm4or luajit ;)19:30
diginetluajit is very fast!19:30
diginethmm, you might be right, but in any case, Ada is pretty fast. It's just has a reputation for being slow because of the first compilers19:31
sh4rm4i wonder though why nobody outside of .mil uses it19:31
sh4rm4and even there its only used for legacy stuff19:32
sh4rm4so it must some heavyweight disadvantages19:32
diginetthat's actually not true, it has a pretty active community19:32
sh4rm4oh ?19:32
diginetyeah, the newsgroup for instance19:33
diginetthey just came out with a new standard last year19:33
diginetAda 201219:33
digineton an unrelated note, how realistic would it be for me to attempt to build my own MM-One board?19:35
diginetalso, I love this quote "C++ has its place in the history of programming languages. Just as Caligula has his place in the history of the Roman Empire."19:39
cdeon the topic of programming languages, Rust looks very good. like imperative haskell (doesn't make sense, I know)20:50

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