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wpwraki just saw the the mailing list moves from http://lists.milkymist.org/pipermail/devel-milkymist.org/ to https://ssl.serverraum.org/lists/listinfo/devel/pipermail/devel-milkymist.org is this move permanent ?13:17
ysionneauisn't it related to the emails Sebastien sent about migrating the mailing list?13:19
ysionneauand related to the errors mwalle got (bouncing email errors)13:19
wpwrakah, there it is13:23
wpwrakthe old url gets redirected, but not perfectly (e.g., a url to the archive page gets sent to the main page). so i wonder what the proper name is.13:26
wpwrakand the transition is http://lists.milkymist.org/pipermail/devel-milkymist.org/ -> https://ssl.serverraum.org/lists-archive/devel/13:26
wpwrakthat's the archive. the other one was the main page13:27
lekernelyes, the move is permanent. one problem was the website was hosted on the tmplab account and this organization is dying.13:28
lekernelI wouldn't have been surprised if dreamhost terminated the account because of billing problems, and then I'd be stuck without access to the latest data, and no one responsible13:30
lekernelso it's hosted on mwalle's server now13:30
wpwrakso the "official" URL to the archive would now be https://ssl.serverraum.org/lists-archive/devel/ ?13:30
wpwrakkewl, thanks13:31
wpwrakoh, and "tmplab" kinda suggests that it may be temporary. there is truth in advertising after all ;-)13:31
lekernelis there 2.5V DDR400?15:04
wpwraklike this ? http://www.issi.com/WW/pdf/43R32800B.pdf15:48
lekernelah yes15:52
lekernelso it exists15:52
wpwrakor this one. wider VDD range. http://www.winbond.com/NR/rdonlyres/F0007FC8-698E-4379-AB3A-DD9235B32BC6/0/W9464G6JH.pdf15:52
wpwrakthere's a lot of them15:52
lekernelusually DDR400 requires 2.6V15:52
lekerneloh wait15:52
lekernelactually we can have 2.6V on the mixxeo15:52
lekernelsince we switched to VCCAUX=3.3V15:53
wpwrakin digi-key, restrict the search by speed and voltage. then you get them.15:53
wpwrakheh :)15:53
lekernel(the upper tolerance for 2.5V VCCAUX was 2.625V, which prevented it on the M1)15:53
lekerneland VCCO is specd to 2.7V. that should work.15:55
wpwrakwhat capacity are you looking for ?15:55
lekernelI guess we'll stick to the same DRAM chips as on the M115:55
lekernelexcept running at 2.6V15:56
lekerneland if they act up, going back to 2.5V is just a resistor replacement15:56
wpwrakso they can run faster ? or safer ? :)15:56
lekernelthey can run faster15:56
lekernel2.6V is the normal spec for DDR at 400Mbps15:56
lekernelI'm aiming for a 100MHz SoC in -3 speed grade15:57
lekernelwith 200MHz memory clock and 400Mbps/pin15:57
lekernel128MB will be a lot of RAM for the Mixxeo...16:00
wpwrakyou can never have too much RAM ;-)16:00
wpwrakand in any case, you should search by bracket. from minimum to the maximum you could handle. sometimes, smaller capacity is more expensive/exotic than higher capacity because the market has moved on.16:02
wpwrakof course, you can still find the older and smaller stuff, but the search gets more involved16:02
lekernelbetter stick to a mass produced chip for the PC market16:02
wpwrakyeah. if there's one thing i've learned about component selection is that you really really don't want to paint yourself into a corner when it comes to sourcing16:03
lekernelsometimes I wish I had put DDR2 on the M1... in hindsight it wouldn't have been much more difficult than DDR16:03
wpwrakwell, there's a plan for mixxeo v2 ;-)16:04
lekernelplus, doesn't require those series resistors and runs faster16:04
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