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GitHub199[migen] sbourdeauducq pushed 5 new commits to master: http://git.io/qHe_TQ12:35
GitHub199migen/master 9d241f8 Robert Jördens: coding.py: rewrite If() to make verilog more readable12:35
GitHub199migen/master a255296 Robert Jördens: support re-slicing and non-unit step size...12:35
GitHub199migen/master 9c59ea1 Sebastien Bourdeauducq: genlib/misc: remove bitreverse12:35
GitHub167[migen] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/2zxUmg17:30
GitHub167migen/master 6420b56 Sebastien Bourdeauducq: examples/complex: do not use variable17:30
mw2Fallenou: hi17:59
Fallenoumwalle: hi !18:25
Fallenouhow are you?18:25
mwalleFallenou: just replied to your mail ;)18:31
Fallenouah thanks! sorry was eating ;)18:33
mwalleunfortunately, i don't remember all the details :(18:33
Fallenousame for me ... I read again all the discussions on the mailing list to dig up a few reasons for some design decisions18:34
mwallebtw what happend to wolfsprau?18:34
mwalleFallenou: did you look at the channel archives too?18:34
Fallenoulast time I asked, I was told he was "doing the same thing as before, but focusing on people rather than tech"18:35
mwallehum? wasnt he developing fpgatools?18:36
mwalleisnt that tech stuff? :)18:36
FallenouI didn't link together all the pieces yet :p18:37
Fallenounot sure I want to18:37
Fallenouanyway, I think we can easily conclude he has other preoccupations now, other interests18:37
FallenouI think he took a break in the fpgatools development18:38
Fallenoulast commit: https://github.com/Wolfgang-Spraul/fpgatools/commit/9f46a8fb3984620f28492a5c641e742cba8105ea18:38
Fallenou20:34 < mwalle> Fallenou: did you look at the channel archives too? < oh, no I didn't, I should dig up there as well :)18:38
mwalleFallenou: http://en.qi-hardware.com/mmlogs/milkymist_2012-11-22.log.html << badaddr register chatting18:38
Fallenoulemme read your email18:38
Fallenoumwalle: (your email reply) indeed I didn't thought about the offset bits, they are present in the adder_result_x18:43
Fallenoubut indeed not in the vfn :)18:43
Fallenoumwalle: ok I've read all your reply, everything makes perfectly sense now, thanks for the very quick reply :)18:49
sh4rm4hmm i see that the mmu work has been merged into the milkymist/lm32 tree. does that mean it's complete and working ?18:50
mwallesh4rm4: there are just some unittests and i've run the bios with mmu enabled with a direct mapping18:52
mwalleso because there is no real user yet, i can't say if it is working18:53
mwallecomplete, for now: yes18:54
Fallenouyes I agree18:55
Fallenouwe can only say that features are there, and that it passes unit tests18:55
FallenouI will sign with my blood (or say, red ink) that it works when I will have a working NetBSD shell :)18:55
Fallenoumwalle: good night!22:10
Fallenougn8 all22:10
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