#milkymist IRC log for Thursday, 2013-06-27

qwebirc85279we are making the test of the connection of the htsc but it say "invalid pin"...14:38
qwebirc85279we compiled a demo and is on the fpga14:40
lekernelqwebirc85279, I think you need to give some context here14:41
lekernelwhat demo etc.14:41
qwebirc85279before the demo14:42
qwebirc85279the problem is the test14:42
qwebirc85279we have an error on "DE3 HSTC inspection tool"14:43
qwebirc85279on the slot of the htsc card14:44
lekernelahem :)14:44
lekernelwhat is that DE3 HSTC inspection tool? if google knows nothing about it, it's quite unlikely that someone here does14:45
qwebirc85279is a software from altera14:46
qwebirc85279to make the tests14:46
lekerneldo you have a url with documentation for it?14:46
lekernelabout what it does14:47
lekerneland what error message does it print exactly?14:47
qwebirc85279sorry is not that14:52
lekerneland what's going wrong?14:55
qwebirc85279the test on the htsc card14:55
lekernelwhat test on what htsc card? how exactly does it go wrong, when you do exactly what?14:57
qwebirc85279we have 4 slot and 4 card14:59
qwebirc85279we plagged only once14:59
qwebirc85279so we want to test the hstc card15:01
qwebirc85279so when we are connecting a hdmi output15:01
qwebirc85279we dont get any signal15:01
qwebirc85279with the htsc pin checker15:02
qwebirc85279we getting invaling pins15:02
qwebirc85279for all the pins15:02
qwebirc85279so we thing there is no connection15:02
lekernelI think no one has used the "HTSC pin checker" here, so you'll need to describe with more details what it does and how you used it15:04
lekernel"we getting invaling pins" is not an appropriate description of the problem15:04
Fallenou_you killed him15:07
qwebirc9749sorry but connection goes down!!15:13
Fallenouqwebirc9749: so you are trying to port Milkymist on the DE3 board?15:17
qwebirc13734bad connection15:20
Fallenou17:17 < Fallenou> qwebirc9749: so you are trying to port Milkymist on the DE3 board?15:22
qwebirc13734no we want to build a video router with no glitch15:29
qwebirc13734from 8 in to 4 output15:29
qwebirc13734if someone can help...15:40
Fallenouis it open source project? is the soruce code somewhere? github?15:41
qwebirc13734we are far from coding15:47
qwebirc13734but anyway yes15:47
qwebirc13734we have it as new yesterday15:48
qwebirc13734and we are still blocked to the tests15:48
qwebirc13734we have problem of connection16:18
qwebirc13734anyway any help is welcome16:18
FallenouScopeuk-AFK your afk script is flooding16:51
lekernelScopeuk-AFK, please stop flooding17:15
GitHub44[mibuild] sbourdeauducq pushed 3 new commits to master: http://git.io/uYwSyA17:33
GitHub44mibuild/master e233c62 Robert Jordens: * generic_platform.py: add a finalize() method...17:33
GitHub44mibuild/master c1cf37f Robert Jordens: add Avnet Spartan6 LX9 Micrboard platform17:33
GitHub44mibuild/master 7e4552b Sebastien Bourdeauducq: lx9_microboard: improve compat with other boards17:33
davidc__lekernel: BTW - I've written a simulation TopBlock for multiple clock domain/async testing [do_simulation/migen_tick tied to only one]. Any interest in a patch?18:27
lekernelyes, I was actually planning to implement that18:28
lekernelplease send it to the list18:28
lekernelbut it should be possible to have multiple do_simulation functions I think18:29
lekernelor call it at all clock ticks in all domains and pass the domain name - whatever makes the best mechanism18:29
davidc__just general milkymist list; or is there a migen specific list these days?18:31
lekernelmilkymist list18:38
lekernelqwebirc13734, I'm afraid we can't help you without a proper description of the problem. can you send a screenshot of the error message and/or of the steps that led you there?18:40
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