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lekernelazonenberg, do I need to apply oil on KF25 gaskets?14:32
azonenberglekernel: you mean vacuum grease?16:59
azonenbergNo, afaik they're intended to be used dry16:59
davidc__offtopic for here; but azonenberg - you seem to know a bit about vacuum handling gear. How hard is it to take apart and reseal high-vacuum gear? [I bought myself a SEM and am trying to figure out how in hell to move it]18:14
azonenbergdavidc__: No more offtopic than lekernel's question :p18:15
azonenbergI've used some vacuum stuff (and seen people abuse it lol)18:15
azonenbergWhat kind of SEM?18:15
azonenbergTungsten? Field emission?18:15
davidc__azonenberg: Tungsten18:15
davidc__azonenberg: old-school '96 Phillips XL-3018:15
davidc__Got it for essentially free [and is in known working condition]18:16
lekernelSEM don't have such ultra high vacuum afaik18:16
lekernelit's just viton seals, not those difficult and expensive single-use copper seals18:17
davidc__lekernel: yeah; viton is what they use most everywhere; but the page in the service manual that discusses column disassembly is missing :(18:17
azonenbergdavidc__: If it's low vacuum using viton gaskets, you should be good18:18
azonenbergCopper seals are used in UHV and some field emission guns might use them18:18
azonenbergBut i would not expect to see them on a tungsten SEM18:18
lekernelat the MBE lab near where I live, they solved the problem of the sample insertion by having a first medium-high vacuum chamber with viton seals, and then some robotic system takes the sample through some special vacuum valve and puts it into the ultra high vacuum area18:20
davidc__Ok; thanks. Just trying to decide if I'm better off taking the column, ODP and baseplate off and moving everything in small manageable chunks; or trying to move it in one go.18:20
lekerneldon't you want to see what's inside anyway, if not repair it? :)18:50
GitHub143[migen] sbourdeauducq pushed 3 new commits to master: http://git.io/L7Ehhw20:49
GitHub143migen/master 0224ea0 Robert Jordens: migen/genlib/cordic.py: generic cordic...20:49
GitHub143migen/master 080afdc Sebastien Bourdeauducq: fhdl/verilog: fix signedness rules for comparison20:49
GitHub143migen/master 48a5b86 Sebastien Bourdeauducq: genlib/cordic: cleanup20:49
davidc__lekernel: I want to see whats inside anyways; but I don't want to take it apart before making sure I really understand what I might be misaligning21:13
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