#milkymist IRC log for Thursday, 2013-06-06

lekernellarsc, anything that has a I¬¬¬ logo on it is gatecrashing 101. usually the threat of removing papers from proceedings in case of lack of conference "registration" is enough to deter most publish-or-perish researchers.07:48
lekernelso they go ahead and spend half a month of salary on that :-)07:48
lekernelanother interesting I¬¬¬ event to crash is the invitation-only member party. it usually boils down to finding out the time and location, wearing a nice suit and talking to the security guy. then it's very satisfying to help yourself with caviar, champagne, etc. at I¬¬¬'s expense.08:01
Fallenouhehe :)08:18
Fallenoulekernel: how was the think tank session?08:18
wpwraklekernel: how do you mesmerize the security guy ?11:49
lekerneldepends. but in many cases, acting as if you had every right to be there does the trick (gathering as much info as possible about the event helps).12:00
wpwrakhmm, the old confidence trick. i'm surprised that you'd initiate communication with the security guy, though12:12
larscOk, sneaking in did not work. "I need to see your badge Sir" ;)16:58
larscthis was before the show opened though16:59
wpwraklarsc: seems that you need to copy sebastien's nonchalance :)20:48
larscI'm rather inconfident about confidence ;)21:01
larscright now our boot feels like a scene from these western movies, the only thing missing is the tumbleweed21:02
larscour booth21:02
wpwrakhmm, "shoot on sight" sounds like an applicable concept then :)22:32
larscand it's over23:16
larscnow that I've finally adjusted to the timezone it's time to get back23:25
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