#milkymist IRC log for Wednesday, 2013-06-05

playthatbeatis there somewhere to ask questions about the OS in my milkymist 1? i'm still having strange problems that are stopping me from using the M1..10:27
lekernelplaythatbeat, yes10:56
lekernelhere, or the list10:56
playthatbeatthe [Milkymist-devel] list lekernel?12:37
Fallenoulekernel: how did the "think tank" session went?18:48
larscI guess lekernel is right about security at conferences. I'm at the IMS in Seattle right now and the 'security' personel looks as if it has been kidnaped from a retirement home22:28
wpwrakremember, only the paranoid survive. those may be the meanest of the bunch. try hiding your badge and entering a room you haven't been to yet22:47
larscI don't think they would even notice, mostly busy talking too each other23:02
wpwraktry it :)23:06
wpwrakif they notice, you can just play distracted and fish it out of your pocket23:07
wpwrakwell, unless this is the kind of conference where interlopers are shot on sight :)23:08
larscwell it's not in texas ;)23:38
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