#milkymist IRC log for Wednesday, 2013-05-29

wpwrakwith DCM_CLKGEN on, did you see a pattern of degeneration ?15:43
wpwraki mean: the way the "bad" patterns originate from the "good" patterns19:10
wpwraki.e., if you have a black or white signal without detectable errors (DCM_CLKGEN off), there should be a certain set of bit patterns, with two of them representing the vast majority (i.e., black and black-inverted)20:06
wpwrakwhen there are detectable errors, new patterns should appear. of them, the vast majority should be corrupt forms of black and black-inverted.20:07
wpwraksimilar for white. not sure how other colors are encoded.20:07
--- Thu May 30 201300:00

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