#milkymist IRC log for Monday, 2013-05-27

lekernelgreat project management from libftdi... I sent an email at the address at the beginning of the source files about the broken error reporting, and got an answer telling me to (1) use the mailing list (2) check git head (where the problem isn't fixed, either)08:10
lekernelie. "I'm (1) too lazy too follow this up myself, and I (2) won't even check the git repos and simply assume you didn't"08:11
lekerneland won't even update the contact info in the source, too08:12
kyakat least you got a reply08:13
larscI think the first one is a reply you'd get rather often08:37
wpwrakas far as (2) goes, i think statistics are in favour of that assumption :)12:50
wpwrak(making diodes) nice. now you just need a transistor and then you're all set to switch from FPGAs to XXL-ASICs :)12:52
FallenouXXL toasters12:54
Fallenouwell, toasters can run NetBSD, don't they? :)12:54
wpwrakif you time it right, you'll have no heating costs to worry about next winter :)12:54
lekernelhmm, the CCFL driver from my dead laptop doesn't like the plasma tube - can't generate enough voltage13:48
lekernelI wonder how effective the "protection" (advertised in the control IC datasheet) against open lamp is - apparently the thing can sustain arcs in air indefinitely without tripping the protection :)13:51
lekernelit only trips when the electrodes are so far apart that the arc cannot start13:51
lekernelI wonder what this is supposed to protect...13:52

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