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azonenbergis there a cycle-accurate model of the cortex-a9 in zynq?05:56
azonenbergcould you get the full a9 RTL that way? :P05:56
davidc__azonenberg: its a hard core06:07
azonenbergdavidc__: i know06:07
davidc__azonenberg: any cycle-accurate model would probably be a softmodel. No need for RTL for cycle-accuracy06:07
azonenbergbut they have secureip models of the powerpc on the old virtexes06:07
davidc__Oh hmm.06:07
davidc__Well that'd be hilarious.06:07
larscif you try to simulate a design with the zynq it just says "This feature is currently not available"06:08
azonenbergMeaning they plan to deploy one but it's not out yet06:08
larschello qwebirc1758120:38
qwebirc17581I have  a question if any one knows where to get Milkimist One box20:38
larscthe person who knows that doesn't seem to be here at the moment20:39
qwebirc17581sad, the link on the website is dead20:40
qwebirc17581and i really like the idea of the mixer20:41
larscyes, the website recently went down as it seems20:41
qwebirc17581nah website is up, but the link to the manifacturing in china is dead20:42
larscyes, that's what I meant20:43
qwebirc17581will check at the later time20:45
qwebirc17581thank you for help20:45
larscjust send an email to sebastian, he should know where to get one20:45
qwebirc17581do you have his email by any chance20:48
qwebirc17581thanks alot20:49
lekernelazonenberg, why care about a9, there's nothing special about it21:48
lekernelexcept fashion21:49
lekerneland yes you can also get the ppc rtl, but again nothing special to see there (and the code is hairy, not to say messy)21:50
azonenberglekernel: a) curiosity21:55
azonenbergb) it'd be fun to do a security audit :p21:56
azonenbergi've always wanted to get an 0day in a popular cpu that gives you user-to-kernel priv escalation21:56
lekernelwhat for? there are no professional outcomes of security, except in shitty companies like EADS, accenture, banks, telcos, etc.21:57
azonenbergwhat do you mean21:57
azonenberganyone doing remotely interesting work is probably on the wrong end of chinese industrial espionage these days21:58
lekernelsecurity is overrated22:00
davidc__there's lots of interesting professional work in netsec/embeddedsec22:00
lekerneldavidc__, and where is their money coming from?22:01
lekernelthe other day I was reading an interview of a hacker complaining about Microsoft's privacy issues with Skype22:01
davidc__lekernel: The company I work for? Well, not defense contractors22:01
lekernelthat person has been a security researcher for EADS for the past 10 years :)22:02
wpwraklekernel: a) academia b) those who find the fruits of their work valuable c) those who prefer that is won't fall into the hand of those under b).22:02
lekernelgo complain about Microsoft privacy policy when your employer for the past 10 years has been making military drones and what not :)22:02
wpwrakdead people are good for privacy, no ?22:03
wpwrakor at least good _at_ privacy22:04
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