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lekernelare there special power dissipation limits when using IN_TERM=UNTUNED_SPLIT_xx?07:41
lekerneleg with UNTUNED_SPLIT_25, you can have up to 545mW dissipation per IO (at 3.3V), which is quite a lot07:43
lekerneldo that on all the M1's FPGA pins and it dissipates 172W :) (or lets the magic smoke out before)07:49
lekernellarsc, do you have access to a scope that can probe the high speed hdmi signals?08:45
larschow highspeed?08:57
larscbut we have some fancy scopes at work08:57
lekernelso you need a 2GHz scope at least08:58
larscI'd need to take a look at the specs09:00
larscbtw. maxim wouldn't let me order samples, I think I'm going with the ADI replacement part09:01
GitHub126[milkymist-ng] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/v08ZLw09:45
GitHub126milkymist-ng/master 8c335d6 Sebastien Bourdeauducq: framebuffer: fix alpha blending09:45
GitHub69[migen] sbourdeauducq pushed 2 new commits to master: http://git.io/TNCBvA09:50
GitHub69migen/master 955a973 Sebastien Bourdeauducq: Revert "genlib/record/connect: add match_by_position"...09:50
GitHub69migen/master 0ec6a7e Sebastien Bourdeauducq: genlib/record: match_by_position -> connect_flat09:50
lekernelhi cladamw10:25
lekernelwelcome back10:26
lekernellarsc, (samples) interesting, I got them in a few days, no questions asked10:26
lekernelare you shipping them to ADI? ;)10:26
lekernelthey're available at mouser too10:26
larsclekernel: yea, they didn't want to sent them because I was flaged as an employee of competitor10:29
lekernelby the way, do you know why all those LVDS->LVCMOS converters are so slow? not realistic to have higher bitrates on single ended signals?10:32
larscno idea10:33
lekernelSSTL (DDR etc.) is single ended and pretty fast10:33
lekernel_it seems 24 ohm series resistors near the outputs of the max9121 improve things19:20
larschm, no such thing as the empty vector :/19:53
larscI want to make a core with a variable sized signal, turns out you can't make a 0 sized vector in vhdl19:54
lekernel_use migen ;) (I have to say zero-sized signals don't work either, but you can send a patch ;)19:55
larscmaybe, someday20:05
larscfor now it is mostly working and the last step is to just add support for multiple input signals20:14
lekernel_what is it?20:14
larsca i2s core20:31
larscwe have a board with a couple of i2s microphones20:31
Fallenou19:56 < lekernel> Fallenou_, has Alarm assembled the two PCBs I sent, or are those board wasted? < lekernel_ < last time I spoke with him (this week) he told me he was going to assemble them and then we could meet so that he could give me one22:18
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