#milkymist IRC log for Friday, 2013-05-10

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vdmohello everybody13:20
vdmowhat is the progress on m3??13:23
vdmoanyone can give some feedback on this?13:23
lekernelhi vdmo13:42
lekernelwe're working on a digital video mixer at the moment13:42
vdmohi lekernel.. this awesome ;)14:16
vdmois there an expected time for it release??14:16
vdmois it 2 x hdmi in, 1 dvi out?14:17
lekernel2xHDMI in, 1xVGA out14:18
larscthis is so frustrating, on zynq channel 0 of the hardware DMA works, all other channels don't15:33
lekerneluse lm32 :D15:39
lekernelinstead of spending your time improving zynq15:39
larscI wish I could15:41
larscI take it back, it was me being stupid. Forgot to connect the clocks for the other channels...15:52
lekerneland you'd think after wasting so much time on chA, the second channel would not be a pain17:34
lekerneleven the pixel counter does not work17:35
wpwrakmurphy loves you :)17:35
Fallenou_murphy loves people who try to actually do something I think17:54
Fallenou_I guess he therefore does not have to focus on a lot of people17:54
Fallenou_if murphy loves you it's actually a good sign :p even if you lose time17:55
Fallenou_you end up with something of value17:55
lekernelFallenou_, has Alarm assembled the two PCBs I sent, or are those board wasted?17:56
lekernelgosh this is so frustrating18:11
GitHub93[milkymist-ng] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/pzdDUQ19:06
GitHub93milkymist-ng/master e96b027 Sebastien Bourdeauducq: Framebuffer mixing19:06
lekerneloh, and when chB has an active video, then chA fails22:36
lekernelthe saga continues22:36
Action: lekernel part se pendre22:36
wpwrakquite the drama king ;-)23:18
--- Sat May 11 201300:00

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