#milkymist IRC log for Friday, 2013-05-03

larscargh, your shift register is broken15:46
larscI don't get it. So when hsync is turned on/off we get a sequence of ..., x, x, ~x, ~x, ...17:13
larscIf I look for that sequence I find two matches17:14
larscone is for vsync off17:14
larscthe other is for vsync on17:14
larscwhen I use those symbols als control symbols I get the correct timings for 640x480@7517:14
larscbut the transformation of the character seems to be some kind of xor plus bit swapping17:15
lekernellarsc, which shift register?18:17
larscnone, I just upset18:31
--- Sat May 4 201300:00

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