#milkymist IRC log for Monday, 2013-04-29

azonenbergwpwrak: I usually use a swab and isopropyl alcohol for removing no-clean flux11:15
lekernelazonenberg, hi11:24
lekernelazonenberg, how much do you know about Wolfgang's fpgatools?11:24
azonenbergNot much, i was focusing on CR-II11:25
azonenbergthe microarchitecture is totally different so we didnt really share any code11:25
lekernelyes, it is11:25
azonenbergMy goal was to make something simple, but tractable to do by one person in a few months11:25
azonenbergi've been taking time off due to school but i plan to get back to it over the summer11:25
azonenbergi have maybe two weeks more work to do11:26
lekernelI'm impressed with Wolfgang's work... too bad it seems to have stopped11:26
azonenbergand i'll be able to turn placed-and-routed netlists into bitstreams11:26
lekernelbut I guess he did not sleep much during that time ;)11:26
azonenbergI'm very interested in picking it up eventually11:26
azonenbergJust not any time soon since i have bigger fish to fry :(11:26
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