#milkymist IRC log for Saturday, 2013-04-20

GitHub178[NetBSD] fallen pushed 3 new commits to master: http://git.io/rF8MAg14:37
GitHub178NetBSD/master 7e7fc59 Yann Sionneau: Add recursive-include protections in a few headers14:37
GitHub178NetBSD/master 4c2dcc0 Yann Sionneau: Move IPL definitions from machine to cpu directory14:37
GitHub178NetBSD/master 637ee13 Yann Sionneau: Fix pmap (still WIP)14:37
GitHub191[NetBSD] fallen pushed 2 new commits to master: http://git.io/bjzyhA16:03
GitHub191NetBSD/master 7d4c915 Yann Sionneau: Add implementation of copyin.916:03
GitHub191NetBSD/master 75703dc Yann Sionneau: Fix typo in copyout.9...16:03
Action: Fallenou cannot locate where atomic ops are defined in NetBSD source code ...16:37
FallenouI got a whole bunch of16:38
Fallenouvfs_vnode.c:(.text+0x1340): undefined reference to `atomic_inc_uint'16:38
Fallenouvfs_vnode.c:(.text+0x1448): undefined reference to `atomic_inc_uint'16:38
Fallenoucannot find the definition anywhere in any netbsd source code file16:38
larscmaybe they use some magic macro16:52
Fallenouhow am I gonna find them ...16:54
Fallenoumore grepping I guess16:54
larscno generic lib for atomic operations for archs which don't support them natively?17:15
Fallenouit seems to be there /common/lib/libc/atomic17:17
Fallenoustrange, I didn't think I would find C files linked with the kernel in the "libc" directory17:17
larscI wouldn't have expected that either17:30
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