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larschm, does anybody know whether it is possible to just configure a pin in a ucf file without connecting a signal to it? E.g. I want to configure one pin to have a pullup09:11
lekerneluse the PULLUP primitive09:18
larscyea, but if I use "NET FOOBAR LOC=123 | PULLUP | S" it complains that it can't find the FOOBAR net09:21
_florent_in ngdbuild you can enable "Allow Unmatched LOC Constraints", it won't complains anymore about FOOBAR net, but I don't know if the PULLUP constraint will be ignored or not...09:32
larscok, thanks09:35
lekernelI'm not talking of the PULLUP constraint, but the primitive09:52
lekernelsomething like: output some_signal; ... PULLUP(.S(some_signal));09:52
lekernelthat's done in the HDL, not UCF though - but it could solve your problem still09:52
larscok, thanks10:10
wpwrakwheee ! shipment reached BUE. now let's see how long it takes to get to/through customs. CPI is already good. customs dwell there, too.10:49
larscit doesn't have a power plug, so you should be fine ;)10:49
wpwrakyeah. and that's the not so picky customs. the one where all the regular mail goes through.10:51
wpwrakalso the paperwork is considerably simpler there. something like two signatures and you're done. there are still massive waits between things, though. ah, and they have a very high probability of requiring your presence. something like 80% or more.10:53
wpwrakso it's a high risk of a small annoyance while the other has a small risk of a major annoyance.10:53
lekernel_florent_, have you tried migen on windows already?14:37
_florent_yes I'm using it on windows15:02
_florent_I don't have issues15:03
_florent_the only issues I had was with mibuild and the Xilinx module, I just added a --no-source option and it's ok15:08
lekernelgreat, i'll merge that patch (and detect windows and make --no-source the default)15:16
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