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wpwrakhackers committing their stuff before going for a saturday evening beer ?00:00
GitHub177[milkymist-ng] sbourdeauducq pushed 7 new commits to master: http://git.io/Zt4j9A00:27
GitHub177milkymist-ng/master e06585d Sebastien Bourdeauducq: dvisampler: clean up EDID data00:27
GitHub177milkymist-ng/master 80f3e97 Sebastien Bourdeauducq: software/stddef.h: c++ compat for NULL00:27
GitHub177milkymist-ng/master fb9a278 Sebastien Bourdeauducq: dvisampler/charsync: fix found_control signal00:27
kristianpaullekernel: any -ng news worth to mention to the ML?15:32
kristianpaulhas been a while since i heard too much about i think..15:32
lekernelwell it's getting DVI input https://github.com/milkymist/milkymist-ng/commits/master15:33
wpwraksignal integrity solved ?16:38
lekernelnot yet... this sort of things makes me feel like throwing my computer out of the window and reducing my m1 to pieces with a baseball bat, so I try to postpone them16:46
lekerneland I've been trying to get the data interface to work, which is a complete disaster and the xilinx crapware keeps breaking, so I'm really not in the mood for such frustrating and slow activities16:52
lekernelPLL loses lock, weird and random bit errors appear, etc.16:53
lekernelthat is, when i can test things at all, sometimes some apparently harmless modification makes the heuristic p&r pick the bad routes and the system doesn't boot at all16:54
wpwrakhmm, i remember such violent emotions from last weekend, when one disk after another failed ...17:08
wpwrak(p&r) you mean it misses the timing constraints ? or does p&r just produce an invalid configuration ?17:09
wpwrak(pll) do you feed an input into a PLL ? if yes, signal integrity issues could very well explain loss of lock17:10
lekernelmost of the times when it doesn't work, it does miss the timing constraints... and usually in a completely unrelated part of the design17:12
lekernelyes, I'm sending the HDMI clock signal, which goes through a 8ns!!!!! route around the slowtan6 chip before reaching the PLL17:14
wpwraklovely :) can you lower the resolution, to require a lower speed ? that way, you'll only have to fight that problem when the rest works17:14
lekernelI don't see the PLL losing lock at 640x480 60Hz though17:14
wpwrakat what clock do you run ?17:15
lekernelthat's a 25.175MHz pixel clock17:15
lekerneldata on each HDMI line go at 10 times that, 251.75Mbps17:16
lekerneland I also need a 20x clock for oversampling and running the phase detector17:16
lekernelwhich supposedly puts the sampling in the middle of the data eyes17:16
lekernel...using another crippled s6 feature, the iodelay, with >300% PVT, etc.17:17
lekernelsince everything I have put after the phase detector/data sampler works intermittently or doesn't work, next step I'm going to send the raw data into the DRAM and try to see if much of it is correct, or if I'm sampling mostly garbage17:19
lekernelbtw xilinx has removed the shitty iodelay from the 7 series and replaced it with something more serious...17:20
wpwrakyeah, that sounds like a reasonable approach. unfortunately, you get quite high speeds, even at a moderate resolution17:21
Action: lekernel wonders if autogenerating http://pastebin.com/akEvPKjM is a good idea17:42
wpwrakwhy ? if you really need it ...18:02
Fallenou00:20 < sh4rm4> also, is there some kind of official mmu (sold as lattice IP) ? < as far as I know there isn't any19:51
Fallenou00:19 < sh4rm4> Fallenou, saw your binutils commit - does that mean the MMU is 100% finished now ? < 100% finished I think almost yes, 100% debugged I'm sure not :)19:52
Fallenoush4rm4: milkymist-ng soc can boot with the mmu synthetized inside the lm32 softcore cpu. which means it does not break the cpu :)19:55
Fallenoubut for now there is no software making any use of any MMU feature19:55
Fallenouthere are unit tests which are running successfully on a simulated lm32-mmu19:56
Fallenouso it seems to be near OK, at least :)19:56
FallenouI hope that in a few weeks/months I will have a NetBSD kernel which will use the lm32 MMU19:57
Fallenouand then I will be able to debug the last pieces19:57
FallenouI'm pretty sure it can't work fine the first time :p obviously.19:57
sh4rm4Fallenou, but the design of the mmu is complete ?21:11
Fallenouit has the minimal feature set necessary for running an OS using virtual memory21:13
Fallenouitlb / dtlb21:13
Fallenouread write right management21:13
Fallenouit generates exceptions upon tlb miss and page faults21:14
Fallenou(no hardware page tree walker)21:14
Fallenouyes that's pretty cool :)21:37
FallenouI hope someday we will have a nice NetBSD booting on Milkymist (and Milkymist-ng) SoCs on the M121:37
sh4rm4i hope someday we'll have a full linux + musl libc port for lm3221:40
Fallenouhehe, it's up to you :)21:41
Fallenouor somebody else21:41
Fallenougn8 !21:41
Fallenousee you21:41
GitHub25[milkymist-ng] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/4FMfsg23:00
GitHub25milkymist-ng/master 3640cab Sebastien Bourdeauducq: software/common.mak: add C++ definitions23:00
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