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GitHub167[NetBSD] fallen pushed 8 new commits to master: http://git.io/yKUx8w16:45
GitHub167NetBSD/master d9ebf3b Yann Sionneau: Add support for lm32 CFG2 and MMU related CSR registers in binutils16:45
GitHub167NetBSD/master 917b8e8 Yann Sionneau: Add support for .stringz instruction in gcc for lm3216:45
GitHub167NetBSD/master bdbda26 Yann Sionneau: Fix function declaration for lm32 arch in gcc16:45
Fallenouhere it is, a few weeks of work, safe in github16:47
Fallenousafe from any hard drive failure and mac book shit16:47
larscand tomorrow github goes bankrupt ;)16:48
Fallenouwell I still have 1 local git copy on my desktop which hopefully won't die before a few months16:49
lekerneltried adding 100pF on SDA + SCL... EDID is still fucked16:59
lekernelmakes no change at all16:59
GitHub69[NetBSD] fallen pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/_kcavg17:31
GitHub69NetBSD/master 336347a Yann Sionneau: Add missing files17:31
wpwraklekernel: just not working or with transient errors ?17:32
lekernelworks (but not very reliably, especially on the second port of the board) when no video signal is present, fails reliably 100% when the computer is sending a video signal17:34
wpwrakcrosstalk in the cable ?17:35
lekernelI tried an expensive HDMI cable that says "double shielded", no change17:35
wpwrakso marketing does not prevent the issue :)17:35
wpwrakadd a scope and see what the signal looks like ?17:36
wpwrakor does that make the trouble go away ?17:36
lekerneland I'd think 100pF would remove the >25+ MHz crosstalk from the video17:36
lekernelI don't have a DSO17:36
lekernelwith the saelae logic analyzer, the waveform looks ok, except sometimes the fpga doesn't ack the i2c address17:37
lekernelseems the fpga always fails to ack when there is video17:38
wpwrakgood luck debugging what may be signal integrity with an LA :)17:38
wpwrakyou have no scope at all ? even an analog one may be able to show you what's going on17:38
lekernelif there is a simple way to get my GPU to send a permanently toggling pattern on the DDC...17:39
wpwrakcan't you just generate on in the M1 ?17:40
lekernelit's a HDMI receiver17:40
lekernelnot transmitted17:40
larscif you use linux and it registers a i2c device for the bus and you have CONFIG_I2C_DEV enabled you can send i2c messages from userspace17:40
lekernelthe i2c level translator is bidirectional though17:41
lekernelI said a simple way, spending hours figuring out some ioctl interface isn't17:41
larscit's simple17:41
wpwrakthere are tools ...17:41
larscthe package is called i2c-tools17:41
lekerneland will the clock be permanently toggling?17:42
wpwraklarsc: you win :)17:42
lekernelie can I get a simple, uninterrupted oscillation?17:42
larscas long as you keep sending messages, although there will probably be small gaps17:42
lekerneland will that work even when x-windows is running and sending a video signal?17:43
larscthe nouveau driver does bitbanging for the i2c bus17:44
larscyou could modify it and let it toggle scl in a regular interval17:44
wpwrakhmm, on my desktop: i2cdetect -l shows nothing. that's two video cards (nV and ati)17:44
lekernelregular is incompatible with PC-based bitbanging, there is always a lot of jitter17:45
larscwell thats all the hardware can do17:45
lekernelunless you install some realtime kernel17:45
larscwell rip your cable appart and connect a regular clock source17:46
lekernelhmm, I could also loopback the two channels and use one as transmitter17:48
wpwrakyou shouldn't really need a periodic signal to check integrity. most likely, a problem affects everything17:48
lekernelexcept I won't get video17:49
wpwrakmmh ? are you saying I2C first works, then video starts, killing I2C, and then all goes dead ?17:50
lekernelbut i2c doesn't even work reliably in the first place17:50
lekernelon the first port it works 90% of the time17:51
lekernelon the second port maybe 5%17:51
lekerneland it's the same on the two boards I built, so it's unlikely to be a solder problem17:51
wpwrakwell, then you could just look at the non-video case first. maybe this already provides enough of a clue.17:51
wpwrakgo you have any scope at all ?17:51
lekernelyes, an analog scope older than me17:52
wpwrakif the phosphorus is still good, that ought to do nicely :)17:52
Fallenousee you !17:54
GitHub120[mibuild] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/e0RpYw18:38
GitHub120mibuild/master 003f195 Sebastien Bourdeauducq: xilinx_ise: fix clock domain names18:38
sh4rm4Fallenou, saw your binutils commit - does that mean the MMU is 100% finished now ?23:19
sh4rm4also, is there some kind of official mmu (sold as lattice IP) ?23:20
lekernel)(&%%&/U! someone is DDoSing github23:49
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