#milkymist IRC log for Tuesday, 2013-03-05

--- Tue Mar 5 201300:00
larscI was just searching for "self-describing wishbone bus" and ended up here: http://welpennothilfe.de/wishbone-bus eh, wtf?09:14
wpwraklarsc: "c63 amg orange grand corp malade rencontres paroles" :)09:16
Fallenoulekernel: gcc 4.5.3 is most recent gcc chose lm32 cross compiler is working (for C language)?14:19
Fallenou4.7.2 is broken ?14:19
lekernel4.6 and above are broken, yes14:20
Action: Fallenou just got an email from Joel (RTEMS) about gcc toolchain being broken for lm3214:20
Fallenouok I will answer to them that we know that (and put you in carbon copy)14:20
lekernelthat's old news...14:20
Fallenouyeah I knew but I wanted confirmation14:21
lekernelNick Clifton tried to fix it this summer - his patch did ...something but introduced a bug that produced completely broken code, and then he gave up14:21
lekernelyou can find the emails in the list archives, and try to fix his patch if you feel like it...14:22
FallenouI found out that Joel has been involved in binutils and crossgcc mailing lists for many years14:22
Fallenoulike 199914:22
Fallenouor before14:22
Fallenouhe must have gcc skills :)14:22
larscFallenou: patience you must have15:02
Fallenoudon't wanna miss the 2.23 merge window15:21
GitHub149[mibuild] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/NRE5tQ22:14
GitHub149mibuild/master 4d4d6c1 Sebastien Bourdeauducq: platforms/m1: add video mixer extension board22:14
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