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lekernelwpwrak, any opinions on this? http://www.zeitech.de/RIGOL-DS1204B-200-MHz-Oszilloskop11:32
wpwraknice number of channels and decent sample rate but very shallow memory12:08
wpwrak(8 kSa) the DS1xxxC/CD/D/E have much deeper memory. alas, they only go up to 100 MHz and they only have two channels12:11
wpwrakthe 1xxx series (actually three different series: C/CD/D/E (D/E are updates of CD/C), then B, and CA)  is quite old. their 4000 series combines better bandwidth with deep memory. don't now how they perform overall, though. 140 MSa sounds as if it may be slow, like some of the Tek scopes with very deep memory12:22
wpwrakthere's also instek with reasonably good characteristics. don't know how well they hold up in real life, though. they used to be the low-cost star before rigol came along, then took a while to modernize their portfolio12:23
Action: Fallenou is watching this one every 6 months http://www.zeitech.de/RIGOL-DS1052E-50-MHz-Oszilloskop12:40
Fallenoumaybe one day I will make the move :p12:40
Fallenouhoping to turn it into a 100 MHz one if it still works12:41
lekernelwhy can't they use DDR3 for buffering... then you could easily have hundreds of millions of samples12:59
lekernelon linear writes you can have ~99% peak guaranteed bandwidth with a properly designed controller13:01
wpwrakscope designs always feel a bit as if they managed the PDP-8 technology quite well but were still hesitating to make the move to the PDP-1113:06
wpwrakwell, the Rigol 4000 series does have quite a lot of memory. but as i said, not sure what happens when you try to display such a waveform.13:07
lekernelhmm, a bit expensive13:17
lekerneland aren't they running windows? always funny to get viruses on your USB stick in addition to your waveform capture from someone else's scope :)13:19
Fallenouhehe , I've used 10 GHz scope running windows, always funny to play card games on your $ xx 000 scope13:20
Fallenouat school we had a spectrum analyzer running under windows as well13:21
wpwraknot sure what the 4000 run. larger models may.13:30
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