#milkymist IRC log for Wednesday, 2013-02-20

lekernelroh, do you know where I can find 0402 resistors in Berlin?10:15
wpwraklekernel: would the equivalent question be "can i come over for a beer ?" ;-)10:35
flonesanxiangfu: do you know where i can download milkymist-linux images (openwrt-lm32-root.ext4 & simpleImage.milkymist_one) ? Links on the wiki are no more valid. Images where hosted on fidelio.qi-hardware.com12:25
xiangfuflonesan: pertain.qi-hardware.com was down. all those generate files are gone. you may need compile it by yourself.12:27
wpwrakthe big bad wolf ate 'em :)12:30
flonesanI wanted pre-build images to check whether it is the qemu version I use or the kernel I compiled that is wrong12:30
flonesanhas someone recently a compiled simpleImage.milkymist_one that works with qemu ? If yes, can he put it somewhere so I can download it ?12:34
rohlekernel: difficult14:57
rohi can check if i got some at rfa later14:57
lekernelI need 3*4.7k to complete another hdmi board14:58
lekernelvalue is critical14:59
wpwrakyou're in the wrong city. i would have some :)15:57
larscwpwrak: is that he equivalent to 'come over for a beer'? ;)16:06
larscflonesan: I'll upload my images when I'm back home from work16:07
larscin 3h or so16:07
wpwraklarsc: heh ;-) for a proper jet-setter, it's indeed just a quick trip for a beer16:12
rohhm. 4.7k i have16:25
rohin 080516:25
flonesanlarsc: thanks16:29
rohlarsc: its always beer'o'clock in some timezone16:51
wpwrakroh: are you referring to my timezone ? :)17:00
larscit's always beer'o'clock in your timezone?17:05
GitHub52[mibuild] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/UqLHgw17:14
GitHub52mibuild/master 44ae20d Sebastien Bourdeauducq: generic_platform: prefix subsignals17:14
larscbut always in wpwrak's timezone ;)18:08
flonesanlarsc: downloaded. Thanks. It seems that the problem comes from the kernel I compiled.19:32
larschm, strange. I used the rtems-4.11 toolchain to build my kernel19:41
flonesanI will try to use rtems binaries instead of one i compiled.19:44
flonesanone more question. Did you use the ng branch of linux-milkymist ? latest commit is 6a2f2e4198. You have the same for your local git repository ?19:49
larscI'm using master19:50
lekernelgee, that hdmi board has 111 parts on it22:01
lekernelI thought it was much less...22:01
wpwrakenjoy the soldering :)22:04
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