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GitHub92[milkymist-ng] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/D0xh0Q13:39
GitHub92milkymist-ng/master 8247f3a Sebastien Bourdeauducq: bios: add build date to banner13:39
Fallenou12:47 < lekernel> Fallenou, http://www.parrot.com/usa/banner-hp-parrot-zik-carla-en.jpg < yeah those posters have been showing up in Paris subway for 2 or 3 months now14:08
FallenouI think it's one third political, one third "marketing is good if it makes people talk about it", one third Carla is a very good friend of the boss's wife14:09
lekernel"there's no such thing as bad publicity"? :-)14:10
FallenouI guess that's what marketing department think =)14:15
Fallenoubut I really have no clue about marketing14:15
FallenouI can say that the headphone works quite well :)14:15
Fallenoua lot of nice gadget features (detection of whether it's on your head or around your neck, touch sensitive commands for pause/resume/next/previous/volume-up/volume-down) etc14:16
Fallenoulekernel: why going back to gcc?14:16
Fallenouproblems with clang?14:16
lekernelit's actually quite a mess too...14:17
lekerneltwo build systems (autocrap + cmake), bugs that appear only with one of them14:18
lekernelsometimes horrible c++ code14:19
lekernellook at the clang driver for example :) thousands of lines of C++ mess that ought to be replaced with 200 lines of python14:19
Fallenouoh :( I had faith in a good almighty replacement for gcc14:20
Fallenoutoo bad14:20
lekerneland finally, the lm32 backend has its share of bugs too, and generates suboptimal code (even more so for lm32 than for other platforms, _of course_)14:20
lekernelI'll just give up and stick with an old gcc...14:21
Fallenouanyway, I kind of start understanding your resentment for autocrap as I am studying netbsd build system and trying to understand how to make a lm32 port14:21
Fallenounetbsd build system itself seems really clean14:21
Fallenoubut to build gcc/binutils it calls autotools of those packages and the hell starts there14:22
Fallenouwhat's great is that netbsd uses gcc 4.5.3 :)14:22
lekernelbtw - do you remember if SDRAM worked with milkymist-ng during the workshop?14:23
Fallenouso far I only ran the BIOS during the workshop14:23
Fallenouit uses SDRAM, right ?14:23
lekernelit will initialize and test it14:23
lekerneldid it try to boot from the network?14:24
FallenouI don't remember :/14:24
FallenouDo you know the difference between lm32--rtems , lm32--elf, and lm32--uclinux toolchains?14:25
Fallenouit seems gcc defines those three as possible lm32 toolchains14:26
FallenouI don't really understand the meaning of the latest word in toolchains14:26
Fallenoulike what would it mean to have a lm32--netbsd toolchain or a lm32--netbsdelf one14:27
Fallenouwhat kind of job needs to be done etc14:27
lekernelit defines what libraries and linker scripts are used by default14:27
Fallenouit seems there is no such documentation about that14:27
lekernelinclude path too14:27
lekerneldo you have the -ng or old bios flashed on your board?14:27
FallenouI have -ng BIOS14:28
FallenouI'm not at home though, so I don't have the board nearby14:28
lekernelcan I send you a test bitstream?14:28
lekernelI'm tracking down an annoying sdram bug atm...14:28
Fallenoubut I can try something on monday afternoon (after 19h)14:28
Fallenouyes of course :)14:28
lekerneljust let me know if the init passes in the bios14:29
Fallenou(about netbsd) so far I succeeded in making netbsd build system understanding the existence of lm32 arch, and generating a lm32--elf toolchain before trying to build (and fail) the rest of the Operating System14:30
Fallenouit's like buildroot build system, it builds the toolchain before building the OS :)14:31
Fallenouvery nicely done14:31
Fallenouit even works on Mac OS X14:31
Fallenouis there any "gcc" hacker/developper in the Milkymist community?14:33
lekernelhmm, I'd rather start with just the kernel... do you need the whole build system for it?14:36
Fallenouit seems so14:37
FallenouI don't even know yet how to only build the kernel14:37
FallenouI only found so far this command : ./build.sh -U -m lm32 build14:37
Fallenouwhich builds toolchain + kernel + basic operating system (shell/unix basic tools/basic netbsd tools)14:38
wpwrakFallenou: welcome to the autocrap haters club :)15:06
GitHub170[milkymist-ng] sbourdeauducq pushed 1 new commit to master: https://github.com/milkymist/milkymist-ng/commit/07120e3c3e418ac8e93241171375944850af84c716:07
GitHub170milkymist-ng/master 07120e3 Sebastien Bourdeauducq: bios: use puts for long string16:07
Fallenouwpwrak: ;)16:46
lekernelwho has a R1 board here again?18:19
methrilI think mine is R118:20
lekerneldoes it have "RC1" written on it?18:20
methrilnop, is RC218:21
Fallenoumine is R318:49
methrillekernel: BTW, I didn't apply any fix on my board. Are the comments/fix on qi-hw wiki updated?19:01
lekernelhttp://en.qi-hardware.com/wiki/Milkymist_One_RC2_Known_Issues yes19:09
lekernelmain problems are video-in instability, audio noise level and flash19:09
methrilok, i need to rework it19:12
methrili'm trying to come back to MM :)19:12
lekernelgreat! welcome back! :)19:13
methrilthank you19:13
methrildo we have any sw roadmap/feature list for see where i could help?19:14
lekernelright now, there is the dual HDMI add-on board19:15
lekernelPCB should arrive tomorrow19:15
methrilI need to read the ml19:15
lekernelother than that... improvements on milkymist-ng19:26
lekernelor mmu19:26
methrili would like to learn more about mmu, but i need to go step by step ;)19:27
Fallenouhey, welcome back!19:35
Fallenoummu development is mostly done, unit tests are passing. Now it needs to be used by an operating system in order to fix last bugs19:36
FallenouI just started a netbsd port to lm32-mmu effort19:37
Fallenouhaven't pushed anything yet, but it will be available on my github account19:37
methrilso, rtems/linux is abandoned? or not interest on it for now?19:40
methrils/\// and /19:41
FallenouI'm just doing experimentation and trying to have fun and to learn19:42
FallenouI have no product oriented strategy19:42
Fallenounow there is an MMU, next step is to try to use it (and to debug it, as I'm sure we will end up finding bugs)19:42
Fallenouso either we port Linux (with mmu), either we port something else19:43
FallenouI just chose to try something else19:43
FallenouNetBSD is known to be "super portable" so let's verify that :)19:43
methrilyes, i heard about it :)19:43
Fallenouif it runs on a toaster, it must be possible to run it on Milkymist One board :)19:44
Action: methril nod19:44
mw1lekernel: it wasnt a flickernoise binary, was it?21:44
lekernelno - just milkymist-ng bitstream + bios. flickernoise never ran on -ng ...21:45
lekernelbut in fact I think I found the origin of this SDRAM bug ...21:46
lekernelsome IO timing is too tight, and it works on r1 and fails on r2 + r321:46
lekernelI can send you the latest -ng images to test on your r1? it should work there... (but fails on my r2 and r3)21:47
mw1didn't you send me the bitstream the last time for the same reason?21:48
lekernelyes... just want to make 100% sure my latest mods didn't break something21:49
mw1lekernel: mh soc.fpg at 0x0 and bios at 0x860000 ?22:24
lekernelyeah, you can replace standby22:34
lekernelor just use it as normal soc bitstream (loaded by standby)22:35
mw1hm doesnt work22:36
mw1(the two leds are dimly lit)22:38
mw1going to bed now22:52
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