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wpwrakutf-8 bringing back retro graphics. so it's good at least for something :)13:06
wpwrakFB1 has two 82 outputs. typo ? or do they mean something else than an index ?13:07
wpwrakalso, what are the inputs ?13:08
wpwrakah, the inputs are what's on the right. and 0< is an inverter, not a driver that produces 0 from anything :)13:11
kyakwpwrak: utf-8 is bringing away codepages nightmare. And for that it's great13:15
kyakwpwrak: if you don't see that, you are not utf-8 ready :)13:21
wpwrakASCII needs no stinking code pages :)13:54
wpwrakthe english language is also a fine example that you don't need any fancy accents or such to have all sorts of different pronunciations for the same "base" letter13:55
wpwrakand spanish demonstrates nicely that you can have new sounds by combining two letters, without anyone finding it unusual. i.e., the "ll"13:56
wpwrakwith a little effort and good will, we could have a nice simple unified alphabet already, still with room left for the parity bit :)13:57
larscyou'd still have to deal with pre-unification texts14:06
Fallenouspanish demonstrates also that you need ~ over n caracter :p14:06
Fallenouwhich is not ascii afaik14:07
larscnot ascii, but it's in one of the code pages14:07
wpwrakFallenou: this gets regularly transcribed as "n" or "ni". and as i said, in english, the same character or even whole word can have wildly different pronunciations. and people don't seem to make more mistakes than in other languages.14:12
wpwrakFallenou: even in spanish, you have significant differences depending on the region. for example, the "ll" is a soft "sh" in argenting and uruguay and something like "li" in the rest of the spanish-speaking world14:13
Fallenouif your point is that we could get by without non-ascii caracters, I guess everyone can agree on that :)14:14
wpwrakFallenou: also, "y" is a soft "sh" in .ar and .uy but an "ee" (english pronunciation) in .*14:15
wpwrakyeah, that's the point :) most languages are already pretty much there. it would have been a very minor effort for them.14:15
Fallenouthat being said, I'm not a chinese expert ^^14:16
wpwraklarsc: yeah, legacy texts ... well, the publishers may have enjoyed the opportunity to refresh their copyrights :) but yes, historians would have hated that14:16
wpwrakFallenou: the asian languages would certainly the biggest problem. of course, also there transcriptions exist. and they don't seem overly cumbersome - might actually be more efficient than the original script. i don't know if the transcriptions lose some nuances, though.14:17
wpwrakFallenou: the time when asia was pretty much under the boot of the west may have been an opportunity for such a change. of course, nowadays it's more likely that we'll have to learn simplified chinese :)14:18
wpwrakFallenou: there's also precedent for old scripts dying out. e.g., how are your celtic runes ? :)14:19
larscwpwrak: You only find spelling bee competitions in english speaking countries, because for every other language they'd be to trivial14:19
wpwraklarsc: hmm, a good point. but they should be able to do it in asia. there it would be even harder :)14:20
larschm, apparently cadence does not want people to download their stuff14:25
larscif you click a download link you get a form where you need to fill in your personal information and if you complete that form they'll send you a download link14:26
wpwrakspamgourmet is your friend :)14:26
Fallenou(celtic runes): ahah , and elves symbols14:27
larscon my company email I don't get these confirmation mails, on my personal mail account I get them but when I click the link it says, 'download expired, please retry'14:27
wpwrakthere are even sites that generate a complete fake identity, complete with postal address, phone number, etc.14:27
wpwrakah, you already accepted their deal14:27
larscyea, need it for work14:28
wpwrakseems that your company spam filter already knows that it serves no purpose and thus filters it :)14:28
rohfake postal addresses.... heh.. schenker just failed delivering to a existing one16:21
wpwraksee, it makes no difference :)16:24
wpwrakfor instance this one: http://www.fakenamegenerator.com/16:27
wpwrakeven gives you a credit card number. hopefully invalid :)16:28
wpwrakthis is also a nice example for the limited usefulness of all this. now you have an encoding for anything including your dog's excrements, but hardly any software will display the underlying glyph.19:46
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