#milkymist IRC log for Sunday, 2013-01-27

playthatbeatok thanks Fallenou00:27
playthatbeati'll look at how i made the pdf from the .tex, maybe it;s me, but it looked borked..00:27
wpwrakplaythatbeat: last time i checked, it left many questions unanswered00:42
Fallenoularsc: wpwrak do you know why it was shutdown? is there a replacement planned? are there backups?13:29
wpwraki think wolfgang simply realized it was useless and just costing money13:36
playthatbeatwpwrak: all i'm really looking for is a list of the commands in Flickernoise.. i haven't been looking long, but it does seem there is no _actual_ list of the commands published currently14:08
wpwraki think pretty much everything in the manual still works. there aren't that many new variables.14:14
playthatbeatkk, i'll stick with what i have from the handbook.tex then.. it's just a bit confusing as some sections have nothing in them, and there's alot of white space too..14:20
playthatbeatlike 3.6.2 - Reacting to Sound is blank etc.14:21
FallenouI learned FNP language by reading other patches14:25
Fallenouit's a good start14:25
Fallenouit makes you experiment with each variable to try to understand what it really does :)14:25
wpwrakyes, that's indeed the best approach. take a patch you like, then start playing with the variables. see what happens.14:32
wpwrakif you have MIDI, you can also change them while the patch is running. that helps a lot. some effects are quite non-linear.14:32
Fallenouyes midi keyboard is really awesome for playing with the Milkymist One :)14:39
Fallenouand some midi keyboard are really not expensive14:40

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