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--- Fri Jan 18 201300:00
Fallenouthere is an article in latest issue of "Elektor" (french electronic magazine) about EHSM and Milkymist :)10:04
Fallenouan interview of S├ębastien10:04
rohFallenou: only in the french version or did it get translated?10:34
sb0davidc__, code that uses Migen is subject to GPL, but you have specific permissions to instantiate proprietary blocks from Migen, or instantiate a Migen block from a proprietary module10:56
Fallenouwell if there is an english or german version of Elektor I guess the article was translated10:56
FallenouI don't know10:56
FallenouI don't know very well Elektor so I don't know if they get translated10:56
sb0there are german, french and english (original) versions10:56
sb0so far10:56
sb0I haven't read any of those yet ...10:59
Fallenoua nice interview with nice pictures11:00
Fallenousb0: Is it possible to use Migen generated verilog files in a BSD project ?11:00
Fallenou(BSD license)11:00
sb0yes, BSD is compatible with GPL anyway11:01
sb0who still uses original BSD anyway?11:11
larscsb0: but is the verilog code that is generated by migen under the GPL?11:54
sb0yes, with extra instantiation permissions11:56
sb0it's more like LGPL11:56
--- Sat Jan 19 201300:00

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