#milkymist IRC log for Thursday, 2013-01-10

Fallenoumwalle: all of them08:49
FallenouI will try again tonight with iverilog from git repository08:50
Fallenoubut I think I only tried tests from your mwalle/milkymist repo and not from milkymist/lm3208:50
mwalleFallenou: sometimes iverilog does not print OK, but some random characters. In any case, there is a register dump for each failed test.11:23
GitHub162[lm32] mwalle pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/q3yxXw11:28
GitHub162lm32/master 57d998d Michael Walle: define $(RM) in Makefiles...11:28
FallenouI remember seeing a lot of "FAILED" a register dumps13:02
Fallenoubut maybe it was because of the iverilog version13:02
FallenouI will try again :)13:02
Action: Fallenou is compiling iverilog21:53
Fallenouis the binary produced in ./driver/ ?21:58
Fallenoumwalle: now I have a few "OK" but still mostly "FAILED"22:05
Fallenoumwalle: I mean, if I do "make unittest" from tests/ directory, then all tests are passing, but when it tests MMU then most of the mmu tests are failing22:45
Fallenouis it the same for you?22:45
Fallenouwhen running test case test_mmu.vh22:45
Fallenoufor instance TC MMU_DTLB_ON FAILED22:45
mwalleFallenou: no, every test is passing for me23:03
mwalleand "make unittest" should be the same as running "make check" from inside the unittest/ directory23:04
--- Fri Jan 11 201300:00

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