#milkymist IRC log for Thursday, 2013-01-03

--- Thu Jan 3 201300:00
FallenouI will try to get there :)12:36
Fallenoulekernel: I just subscribed!14:02
mwallehappy new year everybody14:33
kristianpaulhappy new year15:28
wpwrakhmm, i'm poking though the xilinx data sheets to see if the JTAG pins can be driven at > Vccaux if a current-limiting resistor is in place. i didn't see any clamping diodes mentioned. does this mean doing such things would not be advisable ?16:01
Fallenouhappy new year :)17:09
lekernelnerdy new year!17:11
wpwrakhear hear ! :)17:13
rohhm.. did anybody think about trademarks when naming rhinoplatform.org ?20:21
rohit seems not, since there is a quite big proprietary cad/cam software named like that20:21
rohalso.. any idea when http://media.freitagsrunde.org/mirror/ehsm/2012/ is avail again?20:23
lekerneltotally different product20:23
rohProblem occurred while loading the URL http://media.freitagsrunde.org/mirror/ehsm/2012/20:33
rohMessage Corrupt20:33
rohhm.. trying different browser20:33
rohfirefox delivers no error message but a 0 byte page20:33
rohhm.. links works20:35
rohwget says ERROR -1: Malformed status line20:37
rohw-t-f.. something is wrong here20:37
mumptaiit seems that there is also a quite big animal named like that20:53
rohdifferent product doesnt matter21:00
rohthey can simply demand you dropping the name since they got the trademark21:01
lekernelIf you experience any issues, please contact orga@ehsm.eu or technik@freitagsrunde.org21:08
rohwel.. its your event. i am just telling you that this httpd is not behaving correctly.21:14
Fallenouhttp://media.freitagsrunde.org/mirror/ehsm/2012/ < this url works fine in my firefox21:42
rohFallenou: i get 0byte responses and other do too.21:49
rohbroken loadbalancer or something21:49
Fallenouhum weird21:59
wpwrakwhat's the link between "rhino" and "ehsm" ?22:09
rohwpwrak: rhinoproject (fpga stuff) vs rhino(cad cam package)22:17
rohi just wanted to warn before the cad/cam company sends their lawyers22:18
wpwrakyes, but what's the link between rhinoproject and ehsm ?22:19
rohit was discussed and presented22:20
rohthats how i stumbled over it (didnt know the name yet)22:20
rohok.. the url is broken due to its not being http22:23
rohhttp includes a STATUS line.. which is mandatory.22:23
rohso please fix it, so people can download22:25
mwallelekernel: do you know http://www.youtube.com/user/linuxhilfede ?23:44
--- Fri Jan 4 201300:00

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