#milkymist IRC log for Tuesday, 2013-01-01

Fallenouhozer: so is it "working" now ?14:11
Fallenouhappy new year everyone here :)14:11
hozerFallenou: sorta ;)_19:31
hozerkristianpaul: you around? I have plenty of LUTs if I turn off the TMU and keep the SDRAM controller19:32
kristianpaulah good so bram is way to go19:33
kristianpaulwell but porting SDRAM something  i'm not very aware of19:34
kristianpaulhozer: what you need the lm32 soc?19:35
hozerwell, I kinda want to have something that can output vga like this: http://devbisme.webfactional.com/blogs/devbisme/2011/06/02/simple-vga-interface-xula-fpga-board19:37
hozerand take a video input stream over ethernet, and do some subset of what the 'real' milkymist can do19:37
hozerWhat I would really like is a board with an LX25T and hook the MGT's (serdes) up to a displayport19:40
Fallenouhozer: if you use another board you will most likely have to change the SDRAM controller19:47
Fallenoumake your own19:47
Fallenouor drop it and use SRAM (blockram) instead19:47
Fallenouon-chip sram*19:47
Fallenouor off-chip sram in DIP packages (but slower)19:48
hozerthe Xula2 board I have has an sdram chip on it19:53
hozerI've been reading up a lot on displayport, mini-displayport, and DDR319:53
hozerand I think the LX25T should be able to drive 2 1080p displays with displayport19:54
hozerand Xilinx is supposed to have a 'mig' DDR3 controller19:55
hozerWhat I want is a really small board with: Displayport, LX25, phy chip, and 8-bit supervisor micro (with 10mbit) for debug19:59
hozerand sdram, too I suppose.19:59
kristianpaulbetter use xilinx memory controller yes20:38
kristianpaulanyway is implemented on the fpga it self20:38
Fallenouoh yes that's right you can use on-chip hard wired ddr3 controler21:54
FallenouI hope the dram chips on the board are compatible with the controler :)21:55
hozerThe Xula2 board I have uses a 16 bit SDRAM, so I have some 16 sdram_dq pins hanging around with nowhere to go ;)22:21
lekernelhozer, considered buying a M1?22:21
hozerwell, it's expensive and I already have a Xula ;)22:22
hozererr, Xula222:22
hozerand this is sort of my brute force method of learning verilog too22:23
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