#milkymist IRC log for Friday, 2012-12-28

--- Fri Dec 28 201200:00
wpwraksb0: nice stuff :)11:53
Action: Fallenou waving #milkymist from ehsm15:33
wpwrak#milkymist mini-meeting :) sebastien, lars, yann15:48
wpwrakit's kinda fun to watch a presenter discover his own slides15:49
larscFallenou: where are you?16:27
Fallenoularsc: I am on the left side16:54
Fallenouwith a macbook *ashamed*16:54
Fallenouerr right side16:54
larscfront or back?16:54
Fallenoumore on the front16:54
Fallenounext to the guy speaking right now16:55
larscok, i'm in the middle in the 2nd row16:55
larscblack thinkpad16:55
larscbrown pullover16:56
Fallenouoh I tink I can see you !16:56
Fallenoulong hair ?16:56
Fallenouwpwrak: too bad you and mwalle didn't make it !16:58
Action: Fallenou brought his M1, but let it at the hotel room for now16:59
wpwrakFallenou: still have to work on that portal technology that makes a visit to berlin a quick and easy affair17:00
Fallenouwork faster on your portal ;)17:18
Fallenouand please make a portal for mwalle as well :p17:18
Fallenoueven if he is in Germany he does not visit us, bouhu !17:18
wpwrakmaybe he's snowed in17:19
larscnah, no snow at the moment in germany18:01
FallenouI remember two years ago in Berlin for 27C3 ... a loot of snow!18:04
larscyea, this year it was 20 degree celsius in munich at christmaseve18:05
wpwrakgood that global warming is just a myth :)18:25
wpwrakwhoa. what sort of lightning talk was that ? 10 minutes !18:26
larscyea, pretty short18:27
larscanyway, time for party ;)18:27
wpwraki just got back, so i only caught the last five seconds or so18:28
wpwrakhehe :)18:28
--- Sat Dec 29 201200:00

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