#milkymist IRC log for Thursday, 2012-12-13

wpwrakdoes it say "hilarious" ??00:00
mwallena, thats me00:00
wpwrakah :) so compilers still aren't able to make fun of themselves.00:00
wpwraksevere dreams ! :)00:01
GitHub3[milkymist] mwalle force-pushed mmu-cleanup from 00ae907 to f863a1e: https://github.com/mwalle/milkymist/commits/mmu-cleanup08:57
GitHub3milkymist/mmu-cleanup bb71ba7 Michael Walle: lm32: add tlb control registers...08:57
GitHub3milkymist/mmu-cleanup 3dfed0a Michael Walle: lm32: add PSW register...08:57
GitHub3milkymist/mmu-cleanup d636902 Michael Walle: lm32: add MMU flag to CFG2 register...08:57
kaspar_ejust emailed you14:08
kaspar_eare you going to harass MAKE or should I?14:08
lekernelharassment rarely works :) do you have a contact there?14:10
lekerneljust answered your email btw14:10
kaspar_eI was just joking about the harassing.. just sometimes feels like that's what you are doing when you try and get the word out14:11
kaspar_eno, no contact14:11
kaspar_ewas just going to send it to the tip line14:11
kaspar_ei'll still do that14:11
lekernelyeah well, cold calls to blogs/media are usually a frustrating mess14:11
kaspar_ein case your contact is busy14:11
kaspar_ejust takes up so much time really...14:12
kaspar_ei'll get our studio here to tweet it today too14:13
kaspar_eanyway, I also have actual work :)14:13
lekernelthanks! really appreciated! and yeah, takes tons of time...14:13
kaspar_enice to speak to you14:13
mwallelekernel__: the original multiplier source seems to infer exactly the same now, at least if i look at the netlist (netgen -ofmt verilog ...)22:00
mwalle  GND   XST_GND (22:07
mwalle    .G(dmxb_d_OBUF_50)22:07
mwalle  );22:07
mwallemh.. is this actually the 1'b0 signal?!22:08
mwallestrange name22:08
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