#milkymist IRC log for Sunday, 2012-12-09

--- Sun Dec 9 201200:00
larsclekernel__: how many people have signed up for ehsm so far?19:38
wpwraklekernel__: pretty impressive highlights. i can't help but notice that fusion seems to be getting a bit of an everyday technology ;-)19:44
FallenouSalut ;)20:41
AlarmComment vas tu ?20:41
Fallenouen privé pour parler en français ;) (pm for french speaking please)20:42
GitHub185[milkymist] mwalle pushed 4 new commits to mmu: https://github.com/mwalle/milkymist/compare/1bcfda91bd6a...5c5a3b82fa3022:53
GitHub185milkymist/mmu fccbf69 Michael Walle: lm32: mmu: new test cases for itlb...22:53
GitHub185milkymist/mmu b3a29e8 Michael Walle: lm32: mmu: fix dtlb test case...22:53
GitHub185milkymist/mmu d1a9580 Michael Walle: lm32: mmu: fix itlb invalidate...22:53
mwalleitlb works on real h/w with a 1:1 mapping22:54
mwalledtlb hangs for some reason22:54
wpwrakhangs always or just when there's a miss ?22:55
mwallewpwrak: dunno, havent really looked into it, just hacked a bios with small itlb/dtlb miss handlers and extended the wcsr and rcsr commands22:56
wpwraknice and simple :)22:58
GitHub88[qemu] mwalle pushed 7 new commits to mmu: https://github.com/mwalle/qemu/compare/7359362f4798...f7ca52491c0a23:07
GitHub88qemu/mmu ebe6dee Michael Walle: Merge remote branch 'upstream/master' into mmu23:07
GitHub88qemu/mmu 47d38c8 Michael Walle: Merge remote branch 'upstream/master' into mmu23:07
GitHub88qemu/mmu d946062 Michael Walle: mmu wip #623:07
GitHub107[qemu] mwalle pushed 2 new commits to master: https://github.com/mwalle/qemu/compare/63e5885478b8...34bff8ff828a23:07
GitHub107qemu/master 0fe97ad Michael Walle: Merge remote branch 'upstream/master'23:07
GitHub107qemu/master 34bff8f Michael Walle: target-lm32: don't log cpu state in translation...23:07
mwallewpwrak: do you think accounting the tlb make sense, eg. to compute the ratio <number of lookups>:<actual misses> (in qemu, not on h/w)23:08
wpwrakif you were hoping for a "no", the you're asking the wrong guy ;-)23:14
wpwrakthe more data, the merrier :)23:14
mwallewpwrak: i'm not hoping for a no, rather for more input or ideas what to measure :)23:18
Fallenouit seems I need to catch up with your fast development mwalle :)23:19
mwallebut for now, gn8 :)23:19
mwalleFallenou: feel free to catch bugs :)23:19
Fallenousure !23:19
FallenouI will read your commits someday23:19
Fallenoufor now I'm kind of busy with another topic23:19
--- Mon Dec 10 201200:00

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