#milkymist IRC log for Friday, 2012-12-07

kristianpaulcan yo do it with a simple make?00:07
kristianpauli remenber me having issues with cmake not finding some "magic" it needed ti build some stuff...00:08
azonenbergkristianpaul: well you have to "cmake .." from the build directory00:09
azonenbergthe first time00:09
azonenbergbut once you have it configured, yes00:09
azonenbergjust a make00:09
kristianpaulyeah make it configure was the problem i had :)00:14
azonenbergoh, i never had that problem00:19
azonenbergnow, getting it to auto-detect the xilinx toolchain was a bit of a pain and i'm still working on version ID00:19
lekernelazonenberg: milkymist and milkymist-ng use makefiles. rhino uses a python based system (which I mostly didn't develop).11:26
lekernela desirable feature in -ng would be that when one of the python modules from which the code is generated is modified, the verilog source gets rebuilt11:27
lekernelyou need to scan python dependencies11:27
lekernelsoftware is built with makefiles and uses wpwrak's nice trick for auto-dependencies11:28
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