#milkymist IRC log for Monday, 2012-12-03

mwallewpwrak: Fallenou: larsc: is there any use of a privileged instruction exception?21:35
mwallelekernel_: could you add github.com/mwalle/milkymist to the watchlist of the github bot/service?21:41
larscmwalle: you mean like if it makes sense to introduce one?21:55
mwallelarsc: atm privileged instructions are just noops in user mode21:56
larscI suppose you'd want to kill the userspace application if it used an privileged instruction. I think that's what is usually done for other architectures21:57
larscon the other hand if you specify that such an instruction is a noop in userspace I dont see a problem with that either21:58
larscthe only time the exception would come in handy when you are in user mode although you thought you were in kernel mode21:59
larscso you'd catch the error where it occurs and not had to work up from the results21:59
lekernel_mwalle: no, but you can do it22:00
lekernel_it's in your repository settings22:00
mwallelekernel_: service hooks, irc?22:01
mwallelarsc: mh, so, which one do you prefer?22:01
lekernel_or if you want a repository under github.com/milkymist I can do that22:01
lekernel_it's for the MMU?22:02
-GitHub100:#milkymist- [milkymist] mwalle pushed 3 new commits to mmu: https://github.com/mwalle/milkymist/compare/18d218831761...250c10f997c322:03
-GitHub100:#milkymist- milkymist/mmu 754319d Michael Walle: lm32: test: print test case name before run...22:03
-GitHub100:#milkymist- milkymist/mmu d7944cf Michael Walle: lm32: mmu: add dtlb permissions...22:03
-GitHub100:#milkymist- milkymist/mmu 250c10f Michael Walle: lm32: mmu: make eret and bret privileged...22:03
mwallemh notice, i guess, that should be unchecked22:04
mwallelekernel: atm, i'm happy with the repo forked from Fallenou22:04
larscmwalle: I think I like the version with the exception better, but only if it doesn't make the design more complex22:05
GitHub187[milkymist] none pushed 3 new commits to master: https://github.com/mwalle/milkymist/compare/3ba6376fd95d...be28d40bf7a922:05
GitHub187milkymist/master 46531f1 Michael Walle: timer testbench22:05
GitHub187milkymist/master 29c50b7 Michael Walle: softusb: fix eop_generation...22:05
GitHub187milkymist/master be28d40 Michael Walle: navre: fix missing NBA conversion...22:05
mwallelarsc: ok, me too ,)22:07
wpwrakmwalle, larsc: yeah, noop should work as well22:08
wpwrakthings like trying to change EBA or certain flags - while in user mode - should be handled this way (i.e., nop or exception)22:10
mwallewpwrak: atm all wcsr, eret and bret are privileged22:12
wpwraksounds reasonable22:13
wpwrak(we need more lm32 discussions here. the time between architectural discussions is just long enough for me to forget all the details again)22:14
larscwhat about rcsr, could it be used to leak privileged information?22:15
wpwrakprobably not in the original LM32 architecture22:20
wpwraksome MMU data may be interesting, though22:21
mwallehave to go to be gn822:24
mwallereadling backlog tomorrow ;)22:24
wpwrakexceptional dreams !22:25
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